Wonderland Online Review

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Wonderland Online is an unique MMORPGs, it feels like your typical old school RPG nintendo game. It even has the typical story of one where your on a boat and the next moment you find yourself deserted on an unknown island with no idea how to get back to your own life!
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When you first create a character in WonderLand you choose different people, they have different looks, stats and beginner skills but you also get 6 additional stats when you create your character to make it fit your future.

Wonderland Online offers a lot of game features such as Fishing, Manufacture, Compound, Siege, and Pets. I think the feature I found most interesting was the housing system: You get a tent early on for free and it’s empty and ugly but you can decorate it into your own personal plaza! And it don’t cost cash shop at all! You can actually create everything from items you gotten from monsters and such. 20080229033221638
It has it’s flaws, and personally it wasn’t the kind of MMORPG I’m looking for. But if your intrested in a good game with anime characters, uniqe backgrounds with a story splashed together with some game features then this is the game for you!

WonderLand Online, Hosted by iGG

-What made me Like this game?

– Can capture any monster as your own pet!
– Free housing system WOOT!!
– Get to choose an element when creating character for your skills
– Great compound and Manufacture system..

20080227221705950What made me Dislike this game?

– Some items takes more then one slot in inventory
– Bad pixelated graphics
– Turnbased
– Can use arrow keys but not W/A/S/D
– Unoriginal Monsters
– Hard to read conversations

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