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So I’m finally through it: My review of FlyFF. Actually this is my 3rd time trying FlyFF and I really didn’t like it the two first, but this time wasn’t that bad.
Neuz 2009-08-07 14-47-59-39
But even though they have fixed a lot of the bugs I couldn’t stand back then there are still downsides with FlyFF, Like the grind, the dated graphics or the fact that for such a huge populated game most of us look alike because of bad customization, which really they should change put some more hairstyles or colors in there.

According to my friend who actually played FlyFF for a longer period of time stated that it’s a game you need to get used to. According to me, any game you need to get used to is simply ignoring flaws and getting addicted to the community.
Neuz 2009-08-10 16-09-07-90
So it may not be for everyone, but that shouldn’t be a reason not to try it. In fact FlyFF does have some upsides to it that even I look forward to. They have game features such as flying, housing, pets and at higher levels you even get dungeons.

But to me, FlyFF is flawed. It’s nearly impossible to decorate your own house without cash shop since each thing costs over a million in in game money. The town is large, and to find out when and where your quests are you either need to spend half your game play running back and forth to town, and then through it. But of course it has a wiki but how fun is checking the Wiki every 3rd minute to find out where your monster is, or even if you get quests that level.
Neuz 2009-08-10 20-10-00-81
Well as you can see I’m not that positive when it comes to this game, and it was boring at the beginning where you need to struggle through 15 levels of being a Vagrant but again I do see the potential. Getting my job and skills made it more fun and Gpotato offers a lot of events, and it has a huge community, and then theres flying at level 20 which is pretty darn fun.

Flyff would probably be the type of game I’ll sit and force myself through it waiting for the promise it’ll actually get better, but honestly there are better options to keep myself entertained then Flyff. Maybe if there were more people at lower levels I’d actually enjoy going through the grind hell, maybe thats why I’d rather play a game like scions of fate then FlyFF.
Neuz 2009-08-10 20-13-36-75
What made me Like FlyFF?
– EXP scrolls stacks
– Tons of different healing food drops from monsters
– A lot of classes to choose from
– Stat reset when class change
– Can get hour long Buffs from penguin guy
– A lot of Giants/Bosses around
– Stat reset at job change.
– Couple System

What made me Dislike FlyFF?

– To few quests
– Not enough character customation
– Spammers
– I spotted a few bots
– 2 stat points per level
– Cant see EXP from monsters
– Cant see difference between skill levels on the skill window.
– Quest Items don’t drop as often as they should

Scions of Fate Review

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So, it had to come. The day my friend randomly spit out a MMORPG name, and the day he tried to doom me for hell. I, honesty have tried Scions of Fate before for like a few minutes or so, either way couldn’t have been long.

I am dreading, I am honestly dreading my time for this game and I hope that profound hate will make it better then it actually is.
Client 2009-08-12 16-05-47-10
So you enter the world with no tutorial for newbies and no idea who to talk too because there are no signs! Well of course you talk to the first person you see and wow, Quest Lady Tae, got it!

But then she says make it to the 10th level on your own. I mean WTF wheres the noob guidance! Don’t make me work I want to be spoiled by noob guidance NPCs!! Over dramatize I know I know..
Client 2009-08-12 16-06-13-04
Good thing theres Auto Loot, bad thing we’re killing cats. Adorable Gray Cats. Somewhere out there the creator of Scions of Fate is getting haunted down by Cat Assassins to pay for his horrible mistake >_>

Oh, but my fault there is only Auto Loot on quest items and gold, other items just drop very very rare.

I guess I should actually give them a point for putting in realistic monsters, but come on no kids really want to slay cute furry animals such as cats and foxes, toads sure I can kill toads.
Client 2009-08-12 16-20-19-59
But for a cheap made game the graphics isn’t that bad, in fact their better then most of the games I’d want to play daily. But the lack of customization and scenery change just makes you not think so highly off it.

I kind of like the skills, if I ignore I don’t get any combat skills till I’m level 10 then yes I like the skills. There are two sets of skills: Abilities and skills. Skills are your typical thing, for me as a healer I get heals, buffs and attacks. You need to hit the right level and gather up “Ki” to buy them. Ability on the other hand are more like Passive Skills. You get one point each level which you can put into more hp, or greater heal and so on.
Client 2009-08-12 18-07-03-92
But in the end, I met nice people and I had a good time even though the grind was rather annoying. And when I finally hit level 10 and got my kick ass Skill I was in Heaven ❤ But my time here is much easier since they have this summer even that gives you tons of great potions.

But as those random friends I made told me, Scions of Fate gets better with the levels and I got a bit of that, at level 10 we got this suuuuper weapon with the most awesome damage. Of course it would only last 2 hours so using that time right would be good: Go to a high level area and kill.

But honestly, I’d only recommend this game to people that don’t mind mindless grind.

What made me Like Scions of Fate?

– Could choose your own voice
– Whenever you get a quest a Pigeon comes and tell you
– Good Recovery System
– There is Flowers.

What made me Dislike Scions of Fate?

– No Mage Class
– Point and Click
– Cat Killers
– No guidance for new people
– Few quests
– No Stats
– If monsters goes out of range you stop attacking
– Weight Limit
– Can’t trade nor add friends till level 10.


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Florensia is one of those games that’s not really cute, but still has those few cute sides by it. I actually was really nervous whetever or not I should post about it but honestly I think it has the cute sides to attract most girls.
FlorensiaEn 2009-07-31 06-01-26-90
So what makes me think it’s so cute? It has some really cute characters, and some less cute. But it still have that half normal half chibi looks that end up attracting both parts.

The fact they have super huge hand is kind of funny, but some consider that as cute.
FlorensiaEn 2009-07-31 10-09-44-82
Florensia has the bright and wonderful graphics, it has the adorable monsters and even thought they use fancy names such as nobles it still have the typical classes: But they have something special. They have Boats, you can build and customize your own boat and set out to sea with it. Kill monsters or other boats out there.

That is probably the one thing that turns off typical MMOers, but I find it quite fun. Even if you dislike it it’s not something you have to do, because your land character and your boat have different levels and skills. Thus if you get your character up to level 40, your boat will still be level 1.
FlorensiaEn 2009-07-31 13-49-44-62
The artwork of Florensia should easily hit the wallpapers, but a lot of the icons in game are dull, boring and looks like it belongs in a different century. But I guess it fits the theme, after all theres pirate ships and big ass dresses. It feels like your in a different time, not just a different world.

I actually choose an Noble because I thought they were cutest, and as my love for Magic won and I ended up walking around with my hand raised and a light hovering over it which honestly looked gay: It was still cool, and rather great looking that you could choose between typical mage skills, and using a long thin fencing sword with some magic skills attached to it and I’m sure the other classes too have more then one skill tree to choose from.
FlorensiaEn 2009-07-31 14-22-37-17

What made me Like this game?
– Fast recovery
– Cute monsters
– Tons of drops
– Amazing graphics
– Unique ship system
– Original Skill Icons

What made me Dislike this game?

– To much conversation for each quest.
– Takes time to learn
– Some icons are ugly (Like equipment)
– No jumping
– Quests don’t give as much EXP

Return of Holic: Cloud Nine

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I don’t quite know if it’s my new kittens or something else but I just went through the most confusing 5minute phase of my entire life with a game.

I read about it and it sounded like a typical MMORPG, I signed up and suddenly they made me choose a class and I could talk to NPC’s in the browser and I just had a HUUUGE question mark on my face whetever or not this was a browser game or not.
Two minutes in the forum and I found out some news I got really eager to learn. Cloud Nine is the remake of Holic, it’s named Holic2 in Korean, and Lunatia in Japanese. Either way it’s the upcoming new version of Holic, but it’s said to be very different from the actual Holic they have just taken pieces of Holic and improved it into a hole new game!

Cloud Nine will have a lot of different game features and man it looks tasty.
– Monster Transformation System
Transform into monsters, get their stats and power!
– Pet System
A friend to help by your side.
– Craft System
Loot, Mining, Fishing, and Gathering.

They also going to get an collector system with Monster Cards, Guild Houses, PvP and on top of that their also showing off a new race called Matsuka which looks like a hybrid between a cat and a human (Neko for us Anime lovers)



But sadly, there is no set date for when closed beta will be coming, but I’m sure going to keep you guys posted. In the meanwhile you could always drop by their forum and take a look at their minigames or god knows what else they stirred up for the old loyal fans while they wait.

Visit CloudNine at NetGame for more information!


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I never tried Qworld before simply because it was made by Perfect World, and since most games from Perfect World usually have A LOT in common and simply feel like a cheap rip off of lazy work and greedy people who want to take advantage of your wallet.
ElementClient 2009-08-05 15-46-21-31
Well because of this I had some expectations from the game, and I have seen the trailers both Ether Saga and Qworld had skills, or pets in the trailer which I knew very well came from Perfect World. So you should have seen the disappointment when I could not walk into the water, O yes forget shortcuts you would only get stuck if you tried walking over weird shaped landscape or water.

But what Qworld does have to offer is a change of scenery, I by mistake ended up taking a quest that threw me out on adventure for half an hour spending 5minute or so in each town some were plain, some were simply pretty.
ElementClient 2009-08-05 16-45-30-09
At first I thought the fact they had adorable pets in town as a great cuteness factor, but as the trip continued, I found out they had just been lazy because the exact same animal were in every town.

And then Sadly Qworld isn’t even on an American nor an Europe server yet so with them having so many servers and the huge time difference you might feel lonely till you get to higher levels.
ElementClient 2009-08-05 16-35-34-06
Fun thing was that their raccoons sounds like cats but else then that I didn’t quite enjoy the first 10 levels as a Rookie. And 10 levels doesn’t sound so bad now does it? Well it does if you end up using a decade killing one monster at a time, and you get quests to kill 20-30 of them.

Yes, my time in Qworld was more like a nightmare grindfest then enjoyable cuteness and just as I was only 1 level from my first job change I got hit by the huge truck of having to kill 50 monsters.
ElementClient 2009-08-05 16-58-29-40
But I’m not dumb, I can see the potential it may have: Pet system, Mount system, Production, Auto Walk, people are already level 100 so it has to be active at some point. But besides the hole it having a bit cuteness in it, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to play it.

If you don’t mind the grind, and you think it looks interesting I’ll rather point my finger toward Ether Saga then sticking with Qworld.
ElementClient 2009-08-05 16-43-42-42
After all, to me it almost feels that since Ether Saga came 2nd it’s kinda like the outcome of Qworlds failure as a game for at least Ether Saga has some more to offer.

I was going to wait til my job change before I added anything about Qworld, because god knows maybe it goes super easy as fast as you get a job and it becomes enjoying. But if you want to try it out: Go do it yourself.

What made me Like Qworld?
– Amazing skill Graphics
– Auto Walk
– Everyone gets a Pet
– Could transform into animals.

What made me Dislike Qworld?
– Hair change with equipment
– No Stat Points
– No Swimming
– Ugly map
– Asian Letters on Minimap
– Heavy grind from low level
– Boring quests

What to do in Luna Online

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I decided to show off a part of a guide I wrote back when I was playing Luna Online Active, and I think if your interesting in cute games you might like what you see

In Luna Online there is a nice dating system! Go see the family manager in Alker harbor and register yourself, add your likes and dislike and you can go on a date with ANYONE who have more then 30% in common. If your lucky enough to get over 80% there will be a heart alarm over each other heads that no one but you two can see.

You can fish! You can fish for hours and hour nonstop. You can gain fish to trade for fishing points which you can trade for interesting items like a funky looking hat with stats on it! Or you can be as lucky to get a fish which looks like it’s made of pure gold, by double clicking on it you can get some cool items, even cash shop items like map scrolls and exp scrolls!

Find a family and get a farm! You can have animals, plants and your own family storage. Depending on the plant and level you can get all kinds of things, like HQ gems and materials to create enchant scrolls.
Of course it’s not free! There is a weekly fee of 500k, if it’s not paid you will loose your farm. So even if all 60 spots is taken on a server you can hunt weekly for unpaid farms, or for families who needs an extra member because they cannot farm unless they have 5 people in their family!

Kill them! Slay them all! You’ll have a chance of getting fun items, even fashion :3

And if your bored you always got the monsters keeping you company!

If you get tired of grinding you can always hunt bosses! There is a set of bosses on every map so your bound to have some around your level too. If your lucky you might get some kick ass item on the side of the good exp^^

In Luna there is also a nice dueling and PK system, PK has a lot of bad sides with it but is also fun! PK can only happen at selective maps at higher level, some of them are red orc outpost and the way to howling ravine. Dueling however, can happen anywhere you choose. A box will pop up around the two duelers and you cannot move away from that box. and it’ll last a minute or till one of them dies.

– Luna is Mouse Controlled, you cannot move around with W/A/S/D
– Luna has Auto Loot, great for us lazy people.
– The Farm is connected through all the channels
– Click N to write an Note to your offline friends!
– Your HP will regenerate every 4 seconds
– Your MP will regenerate every 6 seconds
– You regenerate faster when your Sitting.
– You get 36 slots free in the storage! The next 36 slots costs 100k
(More then that is cash shop only)
– You can buy more inventory space through the cash shop

CTRL+Z: Makes it so everything goes away so you can take a good screenshot.
CTRL+up arrow: Quick reply to whispers.
HOME: Opens the chatroom
F1-F6: Switches between your party members, very useful if your a supporter class so you can easily buff/heal them.
ALT+drag to another spot in your inventory: separates the items :D

Depending on how many minutes your logged in, and how many monster you’ve killed You’ll gain different grades of Blessed Time Crystal and Blessed Protection Crystal. You will gain a new one every 100 minute/kill or so.

ImageLevel up gift boxes! No they do not level you up, different level boxes give different things. Everything from cash shop buffs, exp scrolls, and equipment.
Levels: 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 55 are the levels you got a box to open.
If you end up getting glitched and don’t get a box, please send a mail to the GMs.

And if all this isn’t enough to keep you at Luna Online, don’t forget to explore the magical world of Luna, where every map has a scenery of it’s own!

To read the rest of this guide, go to This Link:  There is more details about characters and classes.

Maple Story: Knight of Cygnus

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I got to admit Maple Story did their best to keep people focused on the game this summer, and I got to admit they did good considering all the great games coming out around these months they still managed to get their servers crowded enough.
MapleStory 2009-08-05 18-38-33-98
One of the things they released where the Knights of Cygnus: A kind of “Order” with a bit different classes. They have a lot of familiar things, Some skills in common but a lot cut off and some are not.

But I fell In Love with the Knights of Cygnus, the story had me interesting the beginner levels entertaining and most of all you got this skill where you could summon this super cute elemental to help fight monsters!
MapleStory 2009-08-06 02-58-23-54
But that wasn’t all they whipped together for the Knights of Cygnus, they got their very own designed relaxer chair, own super adorable beginning area and some very gay looking robes.

One thing that made me really like Cygnus Knight is how Noob Friendly they were, usually you land into the Maple World with a hundred quests on your available list and no idea where you should start, well as a Cygnus Knight you also got your own main quests besides all the others and they take a focus on one town at a time so you’ll end up traveling through them all in time.

Another great thing is that Cygnus Knights receive one more AP (Action Point to put into INT, STR and so on) each level then the other classes but the down side is that their max level is 120. But who cares, it will take months if not years till we reach that level right? And probably quit a few times before even getting close.
MapleStory 2009-08-05 22-41-34-07
I have a special love for Maple Story, after all it was my first MMORPG. Yes I know Maple Story has a lot of haters, but they sure do got a lot of followers too, and not just young people who don’t know better. I know for a fact a lot of mature and even adults play Maple Story just for the reason it’s a lot more dramafree then most other games.

So they don’t offer as good game features as most other games, but they do offer a great community and tons of features to make you get to know more people, and rely on your teammates more. Some of these are Party Quests, Guild Party Quests, a great chatting system and a Family system with great rewards.

In the future I might give a review more focused on Maple Story itself ❤ Because it really is a great game to start your MMORPG life with.

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