Maple Story: Knight of Cygnus

August 6, 2009 at 03:14 | Posted in Maple Story | 2 Comments
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I got to admit Maple Story did their best to keep people focused on the game this summer, and I got to admit they did good considering all the great games coming out around these months they still managed to get their servers crowded enough.
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One of the things they released where the Knights of Cygnus: A kind of “Order” with a bit different classes. They have a lot of familiar things, Some skills in common but a lot cut off and some are not.

But I fell In Love with the Knights of Cygnus, the story had me interesting the beginner levels entertaining and most of all you got this skill where you could summon this super cute elemental to help fight monsters!
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But that wasn’t all they whipped together for the Knights of Cygnus, they got their very own designed relaxer chair, own super adorable beginning area and some very gay looking robes.

One thing that made me really like Cygnus Knight is how Noob Friendly they were, usually you land into the Maple World with a hundred quests on your available list and no idea where you should start, well as a Cygnus Knight you also got your own main quests besides all the others and they take a focus on one town at a time so you’ll end up traveling through them all in time.

Another great thing is that Cygnus Knights receive one more AP (Action Point to put into INT, STR and so on) each level then the other classes but the down side is that their max level is 120. But who cares, it will take months if not years till we reach that level right? And probably quit a few times before even getting close.
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I have a special love for Maple Story, after all it was my first MMORPG. Yes I know Maple Story has a lot of haters, but they sure do got a lot of followers too, and not just young people who don’t know better. I know for a fact a lot of mature and even adults play Maple Story just for the reason it’s a lot more dramafree then most other games.

So they don’t offer as good game features as most other games, but they do offer a great community and tons of features to make you get to know more people, and rely on your teammates more. Some of these are Party Quests, Guild Party Quests, a great chatting system and a Family system with great rewards.

In the future I might give a review more focused on Maple Story itself ❤ Because it really is a great game to start your MMORPG life with.

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