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GhostX isn’t your typical fantasy MMORPG, it’s set to a metro theme of the future where you and your new friend a nanobot, which at first glance you’d think was a pet but it actually some kind of monster that you end up joining forces with to kick some ghosts ass!!
GhostX 2009-08-24 01-54-38-64
But, really, I was hoping for more “cuteness” in it, and from what I could see the only cute thing in the game were characters but I guess they didn’t exactly try to make those cute, it seemed more as to try to make it anime style to attract more members. I suppose I should say those ducks in the sewer could be a sign of a cuter future, but really those robot ducks looks more like some freaky weird hybrid of a duck and a spider. Nightmare? Oh, if only I was 10 and scared just as easily haha^^”
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I’ll never quite understand the concept that every movie, game, and so on that has to be all futuristic has to be so gray and boring. It’s not like in 100 years or so when we’re flying in space that we’ve gone colorblind and don’t know the pleasure of a nice picture on the wall you know.

As I enjoy deep woods with mysterious creatures and beautiful shining lakes go by, I got to say if you have an open mind and don’t mind the hole gray metallic future but still running around killing with swords: GhostX is an actually entertaining game.
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GhostX been out awhile, and I got to say I am VERY disappointed how they still manage to have an graphical error as your EXP bar looking like something a robot puked out, but then again maybe it’s something I did wrong.

Now, GhostX offers both a game with a back story and progress. As there are several areas you may walk around and talk with people it is still a mission based game. Each mission have several quests, but each mission have extra goals they want you to meet. The first mission’s goal was to get at least 22,000 as a score, with no deaths and within 15min. Now if you die, get way less and still pull it off within 15min you can redo it to try get 22k and no deaths checked as well.
GhostX 2009-08-24 03-50-50-70
GhostX 2009-08-24 03-50-57-40But even outside the mission maps which have the story all us RPGer crave for, there are quests that npc holds: Everything from training, time mission and just talking around. You may gain exp, items end as you progress they will unlock new maps for you.

What made me like GhostX?
– Unique Nanobot system
– The Nanobots can evolve
– Plenty of Quests
– Nice and simple interface
– Storyline
– Half sidescrolling Half not
– Short and easy to learn tutorial

What made me dislike GhostX?
Theres very few strong dislikes with GhostX, sure there are some glitches that have yet to been fixed, and theres no option to remove black outlines. But overall, if you ain’t horrible against SciFi games with super cute characters and a lot of action I’d strongly recommend it.

I feel cheated, I should play a few more hours just to see if I’ll find the scenery in that trailer xDD I probably will tomorrow due to boredom anyway

Dream Of Mirror Online

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Dream Of Mirror Online was simple adorable from the start and out, I knew from the first sight of monsters that this game was something I would really enjoy. The monsters I first met were some cute fat pigs named PuPu and they got hatched out of eggs whenever they spawned something I haven’t seen before.
DOMO 2009-08-06 16-04-38-26
Since I had just been playing Qworld I felt the ease of DOMO, unlike that other game and other games I have been playing lately it had an easy low level grind and killing. In fact it was as easy as a walk in the park.

DOMO offers a lot of things I’d like to get into, like Flying, Pets, PvP and Crafting, Or even the simple Combo system that made grinding so much better but I won’t get to much detail into those things right now. And this way I might have an excuse to waste a working day playing DOMO just to write a post about pets and flying and other things to do in DOMO.
DOMO 2009-08-06 16-39-37-85
Each race of the DOMO world have their own back story, I decided for the Felin, a more sexy then cute looking person with cat ears and apparently we were mighty dragons once upon a time. I almost was tempted to make every other character simply to find out their story too. So, did I mention that DOMO is one of the few games that manages to smoothly have your typical MMO game play and throw in some main quest story videos? Yeah, isn’t that the best?

One of the reasons I decided to quit this game the last time I tried was the annoyingly huge first main city that wasn’t just messy but ugly too. But sadly back then I didn’t have the brain enough to figure out they had an AutoWalk system so I didn’t need to walk around getting lost every time I could simply click on the map where I wanted to go and sit back and relax.
DOMO 2009-08-07 02-30-24-25
But one thing that sure made DOMO interesting was the fact you could tame any monster and end up with a mini version of them to help you in battle. Of course this isn’t the pet system, the pet system is prettier and have an evolution feature and an mount feature.

The Destiny system is quite interesting, they have “destined relative, enemy and true love” It’s quite funny how you walk closer and closer to someone whose a true match to you and this red string of fate shows up connecting you two. And if your one for not turning game sounds off you’ll hear this heartbeat racing faster and faster as closer you get to the person.

It’s a pity that skills are weapon connected, considering how you can choose a main job and then a 2nd job. I’d so love being a super damage mage and then having heals to back me up instead I want damage on top of damage. Super fun trust me.

What made me Like DOMO?
– Auto Walk
– A lot of graphic change option
– Can remove black lines
– Background Story
– Tame any monster
– A lot to choose from in jobs (14 jobs available)
– “Destiny” System
– Repeatable music
– Can choose 2nd jobs
– Chests around the world which may give you alchemy recipes

What made me Dislike DOMO?
– Bad Maps
– Equipped items still take inventory space

What to do in Luna Online

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I decided to show off a part of a guide I wrote back when I was playing Luna Online Active, and I think if your interesting in cute games you might like what you see

In Luna Online there is a nice dating system! Go see the family manager in Alker harbor and register yourself, add your likes and dislike and you can go on a date with ANYONE who have more then 30% in common. If your lucky enough to get over 80% there will be a heart alarm over each other heads that no one but you two can see.

You can fish! You can fish for hours and hour nonstop. You can gain fish to trade for fishing points which you can trade for interesting items like a funky looking hat with stats on it! Or you can be as lucky to get a fish which looks like it’s made of pure gold, by double clicking on it you can get some cool items, even cash shop items like map scrolls and exp scrolls!

Find a family and get a farm! You can have animals, plants and your own family storage. Depending on the plant and level you can get all kinds of things, like HQ gems and materials to create enchant scrolls.
Of course it’s not free! There is a weekly fee of 500k, if it’s not paid you will loose your farm. So even if all 60 spots is taken on a server you can hunt weekly for unpaid farms, or for families who needs an extra member because they cannot farm unless they have 5 people in their family!

Kill them! Slay them all! You’ll have a chance of getting fun items, even fashion :3

And if your bored you always got the monsters keeping you company!

If you get tired of grinding you can always hunt bosses! There is a set of bosses on every map so your bound to have some around your level too. If your lucky you might get some kick ass item on the side of the good exp^^

In Luna there is also a nice dueling and PK system, PK has a lot of bad sides with it but is also fun! PK can only happen at selective maps at higher level, some of them are red orc outpost and the way to howling ravine. Dueling however, can happen anywhere you choose. A box will pop up around the two duelers and you cannot move away from that box. and it’ll last a minute or till one of them dies.

– Luna is Mouse Controlled, you cannot move around with W/A/S/D
– Luna has Auto Loot, great for us lazy people.
– The Farm is connected through all the channels
– Click N to write an Note to your offline friends!
– Your HP will regenerate every 4 seconds
– Your MP will regenerate every 6 seconds
– You regenerate faster when your Sitting.
– You get 36 slots free in the storage! The next 36 slots costs 100k
(More then that is cash shop only)
– You can buy more inventory space through the cash shop

CTRL+Z: Makes it so everything goes away so you can take a good screenshot.
CTRL+up arrow: Quick reply to whispers.
HOME: Opens the chatroom
F1-F6: Switches between your party members, very useful if your a supporter class so you can easily buff/heal them.
ALT+drag to another spot in your inventory: separates the items :D

Depending on how many minutes your logged in, and how many monster you’ve killed You’ll gain different grades of Blessed Time Crystal and Blessed Protection Crystal. You will gain a new one every 100 minute/kill or so.

ImageLevel up gift boxes! No they do not level you up, different level boxes give different things. Everything from cash shop buffs, exp scrolls, and equipment.
Levels: 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 55 are the levels you got a box to open.
If you end up getting glitched and don’t get a box, please send a mail to the GMs.

And if all this isn’t enough to keep you at Luna Online, don’t forget to explore the magical world of Luna, where every map has a scenery of it’s own!

To read the rest of this guide, go to This Link:  There is more details about characters and classes.

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