LaTale Open Beta

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Play La Tale, Win Prizes!

“Aeria Games is proud to announce the start of Open Beta for La Tale Closed Beta was a complete success and we have already established a wonderful community … but we can always use more members.

To celebrate Open Beta, Aeria is holding a Run to 80 event! The first 80 players to reach level 80 will win!

  • 25 peach cans
  • 5 Channel Mikes
  • 1 Gelatin Cube Fashion Outfit
  • 1 Marshmallow Candy Dagger”
  • Finally La Tale is Open Beta at Aeriagames! I strongly recommend you taking a look at this cute game :3 I’ll be writing a review about it soon. And Yes I know La Tale is already live at another host but for a lot of people that host had nothing but laag even for people who lived in America sooo… aeriagames ftw till you prove me otherwise.

    Latale at AeriaGames

    Tales Runner GamePlay

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    So I decided to show some more of Tales Runner, first up is the adorable Tales Runner Farm Movie that all of you cute lovers just HAVE to see =D

    GamePlay Video which is actually the Japanese trailer uploaded by Loadstart. It’s not the best looking track but it shows most of it :3

    Dragonica Review

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    When I first tried Dragonica I was really impressed, they have an amazing story behind every class each with a movie you can view if you choose: some sad and some just fun. It makes the storylovers really have something to grip onto from the first start.
    Dragonica 2009-08-04 12-19-15-89
    But it don’t end with just a trailer, from the tutorial and out to your first town you get your first story. The quests you do have a purpose their not pointless fetch and kill. The blacksmith needs leather to create armour, the streetpunk makes a bet with you, and the towns head is asking you for help to rescue his daughter which you actually meet in the tutorial! Yes there is an evil in dragonica indeed and you need to help fight it.

    Besides the different background story of each character they also start off in their own original town, all with their own art and theme but you can easily run over to the next town and play the first few levels with a friend since the NPCs there will offer the same quests as your original town.
    Dragonica 2009-08-04 12-23-52-17
    Expect my impression on how colorful, great art and how fun it is when the NPCs talk about their day and thoughts Dragonica actually got a lot of things to offer: A great and rewarding combo system, a dungeon system, dating, refining, cooking and a pvp system

    What made me really take to Dragonica was the hole gameplay at all, you really need to be good with your fingers to do well. Jumping, Sprinting, SpamClicking and doing the different skills after the others was a lot harder then I was used to. As a thief which was my first character I had to throw the monsters up in the air, jump and then use a skill that made me spin around up there hitting the monsters. Doing that all at the same time took a lot out of me so this Noob changed to Archer which was a lot easier since I had one skill to throw them up in the air and then all I had to do was spam one buttom and they would get hit up there.
    Dragonica 2009-08-04 12-42-39-76
    The mission maps is another thing that made me like Dragonica, since these mission maps got all the monsters which are outside you rarely need to kill outside the dungeons. Atleast not at the beginning. The missions give great EXP and depending on how good you do inside you get a grade and you can gain equipments or other special items as an reward.

    For the future, Dragonica already showed us previews of a own housing system with your own maid! and pets that you grow, help you in combat and you can actually mount.

    1What made me Like Dragonica?
    – NPCs talk
    – NPC art change faces
    – Colorful and good graphics
    – Combo system
    – Dungeons
    – PvP
    – Backstory of each character
    – Titles that can give stats
    – Each class jumps differently

    What made me Dislike Dragonica?

    I think there is only one thing, no two things that made me dislike Dragonica. One of them is that even though it’s not impossible it’s hard to be anti social in Dragonica since most of the mission maps needs other people too or a few million pots or so, and depending on when your awake it might not be as crowded, but considering there is both an NA version, international version AND an EU version it won’t be as much a problem now then it was before the EU version came. The other thing that made me dislike it, is that it might not be for everyone: Not everyone likes the way they kill with the hole combo thing, I’m sorry people they just dont want you to grind the easy way of standing still and clicking 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 all night long =D

    NosTale Review

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    I don’t quite know how I pull it off, but every time I try NosTale something happens that makes me hate it and honestly I’ve never made it past the Explorer job. First time my pet got stuck somewhere and I had to use forever to walk them together. This time I didn’t get job level 20 till I was 18 myself, and as little as it may sound trust me it was like being in a boot camp from hell. Without spamming pots I had to sit on my ass after every monster I killed else I’d probably die a horrible death and trust me I was close to quitting but then I made it.
    nostalex 2009-07-31 15-04-40-79
    Mage. O my lovely Mage. I could finally two hit monsters, sometimes 3. My HP went down a lot but I didn’t have to sit on my butt after every monster and I can finally write a review of NosTale without the cloud of hatred for the game.

    But yes, it don’t change the bad point of NosTale of slow walking and slow combat up to job change. It dosn’t change boring conversations you have to struggle your eyes through but Nostale DOES have it’s good points only if you manage to survive the beginner class.
    nostalex 2009-08-04 11-53-33-31
    NosTale offers a great pet system or as they call it “Nosmates” You can tame almost every monster you find and level them up and they will fight as your companion. Unlike other pet systems you can actually switch to your pet and walk around or kill monsters by yourself while your character rests or does something else.

    NosTale also have something called Stone of Timespace, a mission dungeon. You can go in them for fun, but you most likely have to go in there for quests either way. It’s interesting and fun, it has timers and sometimes even puzzels along side with monster killing and at the end you get an reward. Bad side with this is that you can easily get tired because their rather an repeatable dungeon design.
    nostalex 2009-08-02 11-21-15-04
    NosTale also has a housing system, buy them with the gold you earn from monsters or through cash shop – Build your own house and garden for you and your pets! With the housing system you can have your own warehouse in the house, and even a place for all your production activities.

    NosTale Global Server
    NosTale EU server

    What made me Like NosTale?
    – Housing System
    – Pet System
    – Cute Design
    – Indebt skill system
    – Mining
    – Dungeon
    – Can turn Screen

    What made me Dislike NosTale?
    – Slow Walk
    – Slow Combat
    – Repetive Dungeon Design
    – Have to Right Click to get information on Items/Equipment/Skills
    – Long and Boring conversations
    – Can’t use W/A/S/D

    WonderKing Trailer

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    Animated trailer with gameplay! Enjoy ❤

    Remember to check out my review about the game too.

    Tales Runner Preview

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    So here I was thinking I could avoid work and just relax with some manga all weekend long, but of course my roommate had to want to play a racing game AND of course I had to complain how ugly it was looking and that he should rather try one of the cute racing game that is around: I suggested Tales Runner.
    trgame 2009-08-02 13-27-34-92
    Even thought I’ve never tried Tales Runner I have seen it around, but I can’t control anything thats related to sports or driving so why on earth would I try it? But I did with my buddy and Guess what.

    I kicked ass!

    Tales Runner offers easy controls, with a easy to learn tutorial with great rewards! =D Alright so it’s not your typical fantasy related MMORPGs that your probably looking for but I can guarantee you that Tales Runner is something your just going to love.

    It has the cuteness you crave, which is probably why your on this blog but they offer a lot of things besides that: Different characters with different looks and stats, farm, different game modes, minigames with rewards, and a huge pool of different racing maps to choose from.
    trgame 2009-08-02 18-18-15-17
    Tales Runner is a fast paced, action packed racing game by Gpotato. You race by foot not by car, you can Swim, Run, Sprint, DoubleJump, and even Fly on some tracks. The standard 8-man race it’s all about reaching the goal before anyone else, where you can pick up capsules which can give you bonuses or give the other people around you bad things. These can be everything from a curse that slows them down, to a chicken that knocks them on their butt to transforming them into a slow no jumping cute animal. Of course you can avoid all of these if your skilled but some of them are quite hard to avoid.

    Tales Runner also offer a 30- man race where players isn’t just racing with each other their also escaping an enormous boss chasing them around the track.
    Choose your Race!
    Yeah a lot of the things in the cash shop can give extra stats, but you’ll soon realize it’s not that big of a deal. Why? Because as you level up, or are in races you’ll gain something that is called TR: TR you can buy certain cash shop items with like fashion: Some with stats some without. You can also use TR to buy more farm items.

    For you that enjoy wasting your entire wallet on a game: You can also switch ingame cash for TR.

    This of course brings me to the farm, which is probably what I love the most about Tales Runner: You get your own piece of land that you may decorate any way you like. Bad side is that it costs 1000TR a month, but that’s not a lot considering you get 11,000TR from the tutorial alone and if you do the guide quest you get a dorky looking hat that will give you an extra 100TR per race.
    Tales Runner growing plant
    Farm items, plans, animals and background all costs TR but you get quite a lot just by paying those 1000TR for the first time which means you don’t need to wait and save TR to start your farm and grow plants and animals: You can start right away and you can also let the farm be open to the public and your friends so you can have a party!

    Alchemy is also another thing they offer which is good but personally I find it annoying:  At the end of every race you have a chance to get a card, each race track has it’s own set of cards. Now Alchemy needs specific cards to create items, equipment and so on that all give stats so if you put your mind into it you can rock up your body without even entering the cash shop. Bad side is that they need like 10 cards of the most common ones and 4 or so with those that’s a bit rarer. So your bound to do the same race over and over for a decage or so.
    If you just want to make some friends and not race you can always just sit around in the park and chat with random people. I dislike racing and sports games, but this really hit a spot in my heart. Next I should probably go try that cute golf game that annoys me every time I see it: I mean, it’s soo darn cute I don’t see a lot of MMORPGs that is that cute but no of course make the golf game cute enough to take down presidents.

    Tales Runner by Gpotato

    What made me Like Tales Runner?
    – Farm system
    – Alchemy system
    – Who ever wins chooses the next track
    – Simple controls
    – Single player options
    – Race with up to 30 players
    – Option to turn off black outlines
    – Own messenger option for friends
    – Different themes on different tracks: desert, snow land, princess and the frog, Alice in wonderland.

    What made me Dislike Tales Runner?
    – Hackers
    – May make your finger sore for spamming the jump buttom to come fast down or fast up a rope

    Wonderland Online Review

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    Wonderland Online is an unique MMORPGs, it feels like your typical old school RPG nintendo game. It even has the typical story of one where your on a boat and the next moment you find yourself deserted on an unknown island with no idea how to get back to your own life!
    alogin 2009-07-31 12-23-55-34
    When you first create a character in WonderLand you choose different people, they have different looks, stats and beginner skills but you also get 6 additional stats when you create your character to make it fit your future.

    Wonderland Online offers a lot of game features such as Fishing, Manufacture, Compound, Siege, and Pets. I think the feature I found most interesting was the housing system: You get a tent early on for free and it’s empty and ugly but you can decorate it into your own personal plaza! And it don’t cost cash shop at all! You can actually create everything from items you gotten from monsters and such. 20080229033221638
    It has it’s flaws, and personally it wasn’t the kind of MMORPG I’m looking for. But if your intrested in a good game with anime characters, uniqe backgrounds with a story splashed together with some game features then this is the game for you!

    WonderLand Online, Hosted by iGG

    -What made me Like this game?

    – Can capture any monster as your own pet!
    – Free housing system WOOT!!
    – Get to choose an element when creating character for your skills
    – Great compound and Manufacture system..

    20080227221705950What made me Dislike this game?

    – Some items takes more then one slot in inventory
    – Bad pixelated graphics
    – Turnbased
    – Can use arrow keys but not W/A/S/D
    – Unoriginal Monsters
    – Hard to read conversations

    Trickster Online Review

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    Trickster Online is a game you will either love or hate, but no matter what most MMOers have tried it atleast once their lifetime. If you look at the overview trickster is an confusing game because there are so many things to learn but thats probably because it’s a huge game.
    Trickster 2009-07-31 08-39-51-31
    They have a lot of features like Refining, Compounding, Drilling, Boss systems and Pets.

    One of the things that I really enjoy with Trickster is their original class feature: They have animal classes which they divide into Power, Magic, Sense and Charm and the jobs are just as original. You will see jobs such as Teacher, Archeologist, Engineer, Shaman, Schoolgirl and Model.

    They used to have this hour long tutorial zone which drove me nuts but they changed that into a fast learning 5 minute map which teaches you all the controls you need and the rest you’ll learn as you go with quests and such.

    Trickster Online has a huge cash shop, the good thing with it is that it’s actually cheap compared to most other MMORPGs, but the bad thing is that not everyone can afford spending money on a game.

    I also want to mention the fact that Trickster always have events, and not just one event but many events at the same time. Some Cash Shop related, some Not. Some for High Levels, some for Low Levels. This way I feel that There is always a new reason to go back and say Hello to Trickster.

    Trickster Online, Hosted by nTREEV
    What made me Like Trickster?
    – Always have Quests.
    – A lot of Different Quests.
    – Cute, Colorful and Entertaining.
    – High Level Cap (400)
    – Pets offer different stats
    – Different partytypes depending on whose in the party
    – You can buy and decorate your own house
    – Cute Monster Design

    What made me Dislike Trickster?
    – Takes time to get used to using Skills.
    – Pets don’t fight alongside with us
    – It has NightTime which only leaves us with a a small circle of light
    – Sense character better at drilling then others
    – Slow Walking and Combat

    Luna Online Review

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    Luna Online is an amazing game, I honestly don’t play it any longer and the reason is kind of complicated but it don’t change the fact it’s plain amazing.
    It’s your typical 360degree point and click game but they have a huge span of additional features so it’s bound to be worth your time! Some of these features are fishing, farming, dating and construction system.
    You’ll be clicking your fingers sore trying to get as many “perfect hits” as possible in fishing, getting the rare golden fish and turtle can give you rare treasures so it’s worth your time. Farming can keep you occupied for hours as you tend to both farm animals and plants with your family and of course there are special rewards in this as well as the fun of doing it.
    When you first start Luna Online you’ll be able to Apply for Resident, you fill in a card with your Age, Region, Likes and Dislike. This is mostly used for Dating, some have high enough matching with you to set off an heart alarm but mostly everyone can go on a date with you. A date, is usually the date dungeon which you can use 3 times a day. It’s easy, and great exp so a lot of friends do it just for fun.

    In most other games you need to follow a certain path in your job tree, Luna Online is different. They offer a huge class tree and you can jump in between each path at any class change. You don’t need to stick with being a healer from the beginning to the end: You can easily change from being a healer to being a damager and still keep all the skills from your healer class. This way you can shape in your character to fit your needs perfectly.

    Luna Online: Gpotato (NA) Note: Gpotato changed the exp curve.
    Luna Online: RunUp (SG)
    Luna Online: RunUp (MY)

    What made me Like Luna Online?
    – Bosses on every monster map.
    – Fishing
    – Farming
    – Dating
    – Capsule rewards for monster kills and online time
    – Item/Equipment creation system
    – Easy tutorial
    – Equipment set bonuses
    – Level up Boxes

    What made me Dislike Luna Online?
    – Little originality in monsters
    – They use the same monsters in higher levels just with different weapon etc etc.
    – Cash shop in the Browser
    – Heavy penality for PK
    – Deaths in PK/GuildWars spawn in no safe zones so theres a lot of spawn killing.

    WonderKing Review

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    FLORA 2009-07-30 11-40-00-68WonderKing is a 2d side scrolling game thats currently being hosted by nDOORS interactive, and I’ll just start off by saying it’s not a maple clone. I know a lot of people take one look and then say it’s a maple clone but what do they know? I’m sure they never looked it up, or read what kind of different systems they offered.

    I’m not going to say maple is bad, maple is just a community game before it’s a good MMORPG. Now wonderking offers a lot of things that will make people say it’s a lot better then maple story.

    Cooking system: With items you collect from monsters you can cook up different food and drinks that can heal your HP/MP and do other handy things.
    Mining system: Buy pixel axes and start mining you can use those items and items from monsters to create equipment later on.
    House system: To come in the future but I hear you can decorate your own house.
    Pet system: They will actually help you in battle as a friend!
    Attendance check: You get one attendance check when you’ve been online for an hour, after 5 check’s you get different rewards.
    Transformation: You can collect 3 cards from monsters and transform into them!
    Minimap: You can see Monsters on MiniMap
    WorldMap: You can see what Monsters are on each map.
    Maps: Are also huge so no more “CC Pl0x”
    Party: You gain party exp for each monster you kill, you can cash it in as exp or money.
    Movement: You can doublejump, dash and jump down
    Auction House: Easier to sell items and equipment
    FLORA 2009-07-30 11-45-51-14
    The tutorial in WonderKing is easy to learn and fast, no unneeded conversations that will only annoy you, the monsters fits the environment and wasn’t overused expect their “logo” monster Puma. You will walk into the farm and see carrots. You will walk into a beach and see squids. Unlike Maple Story they put a lot of work on backgrounds, they actually look good compared to most of MS: And you can jump up on a lot of things which have no meaning at all but it’s fun.

    They have different party quests and mission maps, some you need to clear the map before the time runs out, others you need to kill a hard boss and then there are those where you need to protect something.

    If your afraid of the grind then I have to disappoint you you need to grind to level, and you can’t 1-2 hit an enemy but on the good side the EXP curve is steady and not like an iceberg like some games that suddenly go from easy to super hard in an level.

    WonderKing, nDOORS

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