WonderKing Trailer

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Animated trailer with gameplay! Enjoy ❤

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WonderKing Review

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FLORA 2009-07-30 11-40-00-68WonderKing is a 2d side scrolling game thats currently being hosted by nDOORS interactive, and I’ll just start off by saying it’s not a maple clone. I know a lot of people take one look and then say it’s a maple clone but what do they know? I’m sure they never looked it up, or read what kind of different systems they offered.

I’m not going to say maple is bad, maple is just a community game before it’s a good MMORPG. Now wonderking offers a lot of things that will make people say it’s a lot better then maple story.

Cooking system: With items you collect from monsters you can cook up different food and drinks that can heal your HP/MP and do other handy things.
Mining system: Buy pixel axes and start mining you can use those items and items from monsters to create equipment later on.
House system: To come in the future but I hear you can decorate your own house.
Pet system: They will actually help you in battle as a friend!
Attendance check: You get one attendance check when you’ve been online for an hour, after 5 check’s you get different rewards.
Transformation: You can collect 3 cards from monsters and transform into them!
Minimap: You can see Monsters on MiniMap
WorldMap: You can see what Monsters are on each map.
Maps: Are also huge so no more “CC Pl0x”
Party: You gain party exp for each monster you kill, you can cash it in as exp or money.
Movement: You can doublejump, dash and jump down
Auction House: Easier to sell items and equipment
FLORA 2009-07-30 11-45-51-14
The tutorial in WonderKing is easy to learn and fast, no unneeded conversations that will only annoy you, the monsters fits the environment and wasn’t overused expect their “logo” monster Puma. You will walk into the farm and see carrots. You will walk into a beach and see squids. Unlike Maple Story they put a lot of work on backgrounds, they actually look good compared to most of MS: And you can jump up on a lot of things which have no meaning at all but it’s fun.

They have different party quests and mission maps, some you need to clear the map before the time runs out, others you need to kill a hard boss and then there are those where you need to protect something.

If your afraid of the grind then I have to disappoint you you need to grind to level, and you can’t 1-2 hit an enemy but on the good side the EXP curve is steady and not like an iceberg like some games that suddenly go from easy to super hard in an level.

WonderKing, nDOORS

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