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Legend of Edda Trailers

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If your one of those guys that dislike PvP in cute games, then I got bad news for you. But for others who just enjoy drooling over Korean games which we won’t see for a few years here’s some more information on Legend of Edda.

I honestly never get why people dislike PvPing in cute games, I know some of the so called cute games like trickster probably makes PvP a bit more slow then normal game thus turns people off~

But Legend of Edda offers a lot of battle options for multi-player PvP. You can find different types such as the typical PK to Capture the Flag, Instance Race, Monster Race, Tournaments, and more.

There is also something called Capture the Relics Battle, which is a PvP battle ground between the two sides of Gods of Olympus and the Titans (Legend of Edda puts it’s story line based on European Mythology)

To be able to win Capture the Relics Battle you need to capture, carry and secure the relics, which, kinda is in the name right?

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