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Trickster Online is a game you will either love or hate, but no matter what most MMOers have tried it atleast once their lifetime. If you look at the overview trickster is an confusing game because there are so many things to learn but thats probably because it’s a huge game.
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They have a lot of features like Refining, Compounding, Drilling, Boss systems and Pets.

One of the things that I really enjoy with Trickster is their original class feature: They have animal classes which they divide into Power, Magic, Sense and Charm and the jobs are just as original. You will see jobs such as Teacher, Archeologist, Engineer, Shaman, Schoolgirl and Model.

They used to have this hour long tutorial zone which drove me nuts but they changed that into a fast learning 5 minute map which teaches you all the controls you need and the rest you’ll learn as you go with quests and such.

Trickster Online has a huge cash shop, the good thing with it is that it’s actually cheap compared to most other MMORPGs, but the bad thing is that not everyone can afford spending money on a game.

I also want to mention the fact that Trickster always have events, and not just one event but many events at the same time. Some Cash Shop related, some Not. Some for High Levels, some for Low Levels. This way I feel that There is always a new reason to go back and say Hello to Trickster.

Trickster Online, Hosted by nTREEV
What made me Like Trickster?
– Always have Quests.
– A lot of Different Quests.
– Cute, Colorful and Entertaining.
– High Level Cap (400)
– Pets offer different stats
– Different partytypes depending on whose in the party
– You can buy and decorate your own house
– Cute Monster Design

What made me Dislike Trickster?
– Takes time to get used to using Skills.
– Pets don’t fight alongside with us
– It has NightTime which only leaves us with a a small circle of light
– Sense character better at drilling then others
– Slow Walking and Combat

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