Tales Runner GamePlay

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So I decided to show some more of Tales Runner, first up is the adorable Tales Runner Farm Movie that all of you cute lovers just HAVE to see =D

GamePlay Video which is actually the Japanese trailer uploaded by Loadstart. It’s not the best looking track but it shows most of it :3

Tales Runner Preview

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So here I was thinking I could avoid work and just relax with some manga all weekend long, but of course my roommate had to want to play a racing game AND of course I had to complain how ugly it was looking and that he should rather try one of the cute racing game that is around: I suggested Tales Runner.
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Even thought I’ve never tried Tales Runner I have seen it around, but I can’t control anything thats related to sports or driving so why on earth would I try it? But I did with my buddy and Guess what.

I kicked ass!

Tales Runner offers easy controls, with a easy to learn tutorial with great rewards! =D Alright so it’s not your typical fantasy related MMORPGs that your probably looking for but I can guarantee you that Tales Runner is something your just going to love.

It has the cuteness you crave, which is probably why your on this blog but they offer a lot of things besides that: Different characters with different looks and stats, farm, different game modes, minigames with rewards, and a huge pool of different racing maps to choose from.
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Tales Runner is a fast paced, action packed racing game by Gpotato. You race by foot not by car, you can Swim, Run, Sprint, DoubleJump, and even Fly on some tracks. The standard 8-man race it’s all about reaching the goal before anyone else, where you can pick up capsules which can give you bonuses or give the other people around you bad things. These can be everything from a curse that slows them down, to a chicken that knocks them on their butt to transforming them into a slow no jumping cute animal. Of course you can avoid all of these if your skilled but some of them are quite hard to avoid.

Tales Runner also offer a 30- man race where players isn’t just racing with each other their also escaping an enormous boss chasing them around the track.
Choose your Race!
Yeah a lot of the things in the cash shop can give extra stats, but you’ll soon realize it’s not that big of a deal. Why? Because as you level up, or are in races you’ll gain something that is called TR: TR you can buy certain cash shop items with like fashion: Some with stats some without. You can also use TR to buy more farm items.

For you that enjoy wasting your entire wallet on a game: You can also switch ingame cash for TR.

This of course brings me to the farm, which is probably what I love the most about Tales Runner: You get your own piece of land that you may decorate any way you like. Bad side is that it costs 1000TR a month, but that’s not a lot considering you get 11,000TR from the tutorial alone and if you do the guide quest you get a dorky looking hat that will give you an extra 100TR per race.
Tales Runner growing plant
Farm items, plans, animals and background all costs TR but you get quite a lot just by paying those 1000TR for the first time which means you don’t need to wait and save TR to start your farm and grow plants and animals: You can start right away and you can also let the farm be open to the public and your friends so you can have a party!

Alchemy is also another thing they offer which is good but personally I find it annoying:  At the end of every race you have a chance to get a card, each race track has it’s own set of cards. Now Alchemy needs specific cards to create items, equipment and so on that all give stats so if you put your mind into it you can rock up your body without even entering the cash shop. Bad side is that they need like 10 cards of the most common ones and 4 or so with those that’s a bit rarer. So your bound to do the same race over and over for a decage or so.
If you just want to make some friends and not race you can always just sit around in the park and chat with random people. I dislike racing and sports games, but this really hit a spot in my heart. Next I should probably go try that cute golf game that annoys me every time I see it: I mean, it’s soo darn cute I don’t see a lot of MMORPGs that is that cute but no of course make the golf game cute enough to take down presidents.

Tales Runner by Gpotato

What made me Like Tales Runner?
– Farm system
– Alchemy system
– Who ever wins chooses the next track
– Simple controls
– Single player options
– Race with up to 30 players
– Option to turn off black outlines
– Own messenger option for friends
– Different themes on different tracks: desert, snow land, princess and the frog, Alice in wonderland.

What made me Dislike Tales Runner?
– Hackers
– May make your finger sore for spamming the jump buttom to come fast down or fast up a rope

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