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So, it had to come. The day my friend randomly spit out a MMORPG name, and the day he tried to doom me for hell. I, honesty have tried Scions of Fate before for like a few minutes or so, either way couldn’t have been long.

I am dreading, I am honestly dreading my time for this game and I hope that profound hate will make it better then it actually is.
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So you enter the world with no tutorial for newbies and no idea who to talk too because there are no signs! Well of course you talk to the first person you see and wow, Quest Lady Tae, got it!

But then she says make it to the 10th level on your own. I mean WTF wheres the noob guidance! Don’t make me work I want to be spoiled by noob guidance NPCs!! Over dramatize I know I know..
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Good thing theres Auto Loot, bad thing we’re killing cats. Adorable Gray Cats. Somewhere out there the creator of Scions of Fate is getting haunted down by Cat Assassins to pay for his horrible mistake >_>

Oh, but my fault there is only Auto Loot on quest items and gold, other items just drop very very rare.

I guess I should actually give them a point for putting in realistic monsters, but come on no kids really want to slay cute furry animals such as cats and foxes, toads sure I can kill toads.
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But for a cheap made game the graphics isn’t that bad, in fact their better then most of the games I’d want to play daily. But the lack of customization and scenery change just makes you not think so highly off it.

I kind of like the skills, if I ignore I don’t get any combat skills till I’m level 10 then yes I like the skills. There are two sets of skills: Abilities and skills. Skills are your typical thing, for me as a healer I get heals, buffs and attacks. You need to hit the right level and gather up “Ki” to buy them. Ability on the other hand are more like Passive Skills. You get one point each level which you can put into more hp, or greater heal and so on.
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But in the end, I met nice people and I had a good time even though the grind was rather annoying. And when I finally hit level 10 and got my kick ass Skill I was in Heaven ❤ But my time here is much easier since they have this summer even that gives you tons of great potions.

But as those random friends I made told me, Scions of Fate gets better with the levels and I got a bit of that, at level 10 we got this suuuuper weapon with the most awesome damage. Of course it would only last 2 hours so using that time right would be good: Go to a high level area and kill.

But honestly, I’d only recommend this game to people that don’t mind mindless grind.

What made me Like Scions of Fate?

– Could choose your own voice
– Whenever you get a quest a Pigeon comes and tell you
– Good Recovery System
– There is Flowers.

What made me Dislike Scions of Fate?

– No Mage Class
– Point and Click
– Cat Killers
– No guidance for new people
– Few quests
– No Stats
– If monsters goes out of range you stop attacking
– Weight Limit
– Can’t trade nor add friends till level 10.

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