I gone inactive? Your delusional!!

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The last week or so I’ve been awfully busy, with new kittens in the house which I needed to run after every 5min due to either messing something up, pooping, or just plain crying because they missed each other by a few meters. Now, this week was my birthday so I think I’ve had a legal reason to slack of and enjoy the life ❤ ( >_> yeah that’s what I say, what I really did was waste an entire salary on manga and refused to leave the sofa for days)

But From Monday I’ll get my ass back into the gaming chair and work till my heart bounce ❤ And I’d just like to use my time to tell you guys what I will update so I can’t slack next week o_o it might become a habit never know



My adorable Asda has come to Europe, and closed beta is coming at the end of next week. Now I played Asda a LONG time ago, but at the end it got pretty dead which sucked ass. But, Asda is a really great game if there’s people around so I hope the EU can keep it alive this time

Ys Online

Open Beta and half cute, it’s not the typical 100% cute, in fact I wouldn’t even call it 50% but the characters are so adorable! I only spent a few minutes in the game up till now so I need to explore it some more before I can give you the review you deserve


another half cute thang ❤ Let’s hope it’s good. But I’m not really 100% sure considering the screenshots where bad, but some cute sightings where seen at their website, but meh if it’s not cute I’ll post it anyway and blame my friends recommendations xD


I guess it’s been around awhile, but I’ve been wanting to play it so I’ll make it my job to get it on my blog ❤
I also have halfwritten reviews of destiny online, pirate king online, and crazy tao. I’ve just been stalling and not wanting to finish them. So we will see if I come around to finish those too next week as well.

I’d also like to say you will never ever see a review on Mabinogi, someone asked me why I hadn’t done it already. I blame nexon and it’s IP blocks, lets just hope someone with a better mind buys it and hosts it for us in europe too.

Hello Kitty Online

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So we’re talking cute games right, but what’s more cuter then the world’s biggest cute icon HELLO KITTY!!!! I know some country’s don’t got so much merchandise with hello kitty but I live in Norway and I even see that cat everywhere.

And Hello Kitty Online is going to be hosted by Aeriagames soon ❤ I had problems with their other host thus I couldn’t try it out but I known Aeriagames was planning on hosting it too so I waited and here it is finally. Well, they added a website to it.

But if I think about it, it’s probably been there awhile I just randomly walked into their site and started jumping up and down.

They have a lot of features, I’d start writing them down but why bother I’ll do a review as fast as closed beta hits us but if your more interested check out their website^^


Disney Fantasy Online

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Well weekends gone and I’m finally back to my dear blog, and my first post shall be with the cutest little characters that we all grew up with from Disney.

Yeah, you heard me: There’s now coming out an MMORPG called Disney Fantasy Online.

Disney Fantasy Online closed beta will start on August 17th which, is today actually! So if you really really want you should definitely give it a try!

Reading up on Disney Fantasy Online it sure does sound good, but it’ll have the pro’s and cons. Like it’s turn based, and I can’t STAND turn based. But it would definitely be worth a try.

There are a lot of other features such as being able to travel with Disney Themed pets or companions, and as you travel through all the different lands to explore you can fully customize your player avatar with a lot of different in-game items.

There is also an option to create your own castle, your own space to say. You can upgrade, Assemble, Trade and Share! Let’s just hope that won’t be cash shop related.

Oh, and for you others – The website didn’t have screenshots .__. so.. I decided to steal some >_>”

Return of Holic: Cloud Nine

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I don’t quite know if it’s my new kittens or something else but I just went through the most confusing 5minute phase of my entire life with a game.

I read about it and it sounded like a typical MMORPG, I signed up and suddenly they made me choose a class and I could talk to NPC’s in the browser and I just had a HUUUGE question mark on my face whetever or not this was a browser game or not.
Two minutes in the forum and I found out some news I got really eager to learn. Cloud Nine is the remake of Holic, it’s named Holic2 in Korean, and Lunatia in Japanese. Either way it’s the upcoming new version of Holic, but it’s said to be very different from the actual Holic they have just taken pieces of Holic and improved it into a hole new game!

Cloud Nine will have a lot of different game features and man it looks tasty.
– Monster Transformation System
Transform into monsters, get their stats and power!
– Pet System
A friend to help by your side.
– Craft System
Loot, Mining, Fishing, and Gathering.

They also going to get an collector system with Monster Cards, Guild Houses, PvP and on top of that their also showing off a new race called Matsuka which looks like a hybrid between a cat and a human (Neko for us Anime lovers)



But sadly, there is no set date for when closed beta will be coming, but I’m sure going to keep you guys posted. In the meanwhile you could always drop by their forum and take a look at their minigames or god knows what else they stirred up for the old loyal fans while they wait.

Visit CloudNine at NetGame for more information!

If Only We Knew Some Asian!

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So out there in the Asian World of gaming there are a ton of cute MMORPGs that we might see in English one day! Soo I went on a hunt and wanted to show some of them off ~

Kinos World

Animated Trailer, which is just the most adorable thing ever. Makes me wish they had an anime for it too!

GamePlay Trailer, it looks good dosn’t it? I’d definitely want to try this.

Tartaros Online


HEVA Online


Iris Online

LaTale Open Beta

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Play La Tale, Win Prizes!

“Aeria Games is proud to announce the start of Open Beta for La Tale Closed Beta was a complete success and we have already established a wonderful community … but we can always use more members.

To celebrate Open Beta, Aeria is holding a Run to 80 event! The first 80 players to reach level 80 will win!

  • 25 peach cans
  • 5 Channel Mikes
  • 1 Gelatin Cube Fashion Outfit
  • 1 Marshmallow Candy Dagger”
  • Finally La Tale is Open Beta at Aeriagames! I strongly recommend you taking a look at this cute game :3 I’ll be writing a review about it soon. And Yes I know La Tale is already live at another host but for a lot of people that host had nothing but laag even for people who lived in America sooo… aeriagames ftw till you prove me otherwise.

    Latale at AeriaGames

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