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Monato Esprit has a special system where you choose a star sign and a season for your character, you can of course pick your own star sign and the season of the year that you enjoy the most but be aware! Each star sign and season give different passive skills, some give more HP, others give physical defense and so on so you can also use it to suit the kind of character you want to create.

The long conversations in Monato Esprit really did turn me off, they had lines for your own character and a picture that represents you which changes with which class you decide to go for but the hair and color is completely different from what you may choose in character creation so for me it felt more that I was playing in some kind of anime game. But a lot of people like a good story! I personally prefer living my own ;D

charssssMonato Esprit isn’t that much of a cute game, the graphics are dated while they seem rather gray and dull. But if you don’t mind dated graphics then these small chibis that run funny might just be the game for you!

Sadly, this game wasn’t something for me, I finally get my character to level 5 after the tutorial with super long conversations and picked mage: It sent me on a quest to a garden and I was told to collect 6 quest item from a level 2 and a level 1 monster. Easy I’m thinking: But guess what.
They hurt, and took long to kill even with using skills. My exp bar went to 100% but I didn’t level.
Confused and annoyed I killed a million monster and finally got my quest items and when I got myself back to town and became a mage: It also made me level 1 again.  A million quests popped up around me and I started collecting, but I could only carry 20 quests at the same time. I decided to log off: I’ve seen enough.

What made me like this game?meclient 2009-07-29 06-48-56-85
– Star sign give passive stats
– Monsters were kinda cute
– Easy to Learn
– Healing spots in town.

What made me dislike this game?
– Hard to kill lower levels? -> Grind hell in future?
– Normal attack gets canceled
– No stat points
– Can’t see Npcs on maps
– Can only see quest icons on minimap
-Turns back to level 1 at first job advancement (why need to become level 5 then?)
– Dated graphics

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