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We all know how we worship and drool over the cuteness of Luna Online, so I’m proud to present the newest game from the same developers: The MMOs name is Legend of Edda. But it’s an working title so it might get changed as time goes.
I don’t know korean at all, but I do go well with google translations so even I hunted down the Korean website and took a look and man it does look good. But firefox wouldn’t handle it so I had to open up Opera.

Legend of Edda based on the myth of Olympus and Titan promises to bring great fun for players by offering cool battle system and feel of console game.
They offer the typical classes of Fighter, Rogue and Mage. Below I’ve shown the job tree, sadly I don’t know the 3rd jobs but I will update as soon as I can.
So they will be in closed beta in Mid – August in Korea, that doesn’t mean we won’t see it in English soon. If I remember right it didn’t take Luna Online far till they were popping up on English Malaysian servers.







What to do in Luna Online

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I decided to show off a part of a guide I wrote back when I was playing Luna Online Active, and I think if your interesting in cute games you might like what you see

In Luna Online there is a nice dating system! Go see the family manager in Alker harbor and register yourself, add your likes and dislike and you can go on a date with ANYONE who have more then 30% in common. If your lucky enough to get over 80% there will be a heart alarm over each other heads that no one but you two can see.

You can fish! You can fish for hours and hour nonstop. You can gain fish to trade for fishing points which you can trade for interesting items like a funky looking hat with stats on it! Or you can be as lucky to get a fish which looks like it’s made of pure gold, by double clicking on it you can get some cool items, even cash shop items like map scrolls and exp scrolls!

Find a family and get a farm! You can have animals, plants and your own family storage. Depending on the plant and level you can get all kinds of things, like HQ gems and materials to create enchant scrolls.
Of course it’s not free! There is a weekly fee of 500k, if it’s not paid you will loose your farm. So even if all 60 spots is taken on a server you can hunt weekly for unpaid farms, or for families who needs an extra member because they cannot farm unless they have 5 people in their family!

Kill them! Slay them all! You’ll have a chance of getting fun items, even fashion :3

And if your bored you always got the monsters keeping you company!

If you get tired of grinding you can always hunt bosses! There is a set of bosses on every map so your bound to have some around your level too. If your lucky you might get some kick ass item on the side of the good exp^^

In Luna there is also a nice dueling and PK system, PK has a lot of bad sides with it but is also fun! PK can only happen at selective maps at higher level, some of them are red orc outpost and the way to howling ravine. Dueling however, can happen anywhere you choose. A box will pop up around the two duelers and you cannot move away from that box. and it’ll last a minute or till one of them dies.

– Luna is Mouse Controlled, you cannot move around with W/A/S/D
– Luna has Auto Loot, great for us lazy people.
– The Farm is connected through all the channels
– Click N to write an Note to your offline friends!
– Your HP will regenerate every 4 seconds
– Your MP will regenerate every 6 seconds
– You regenerate faster when your Sitting.
– You get 36 slots free in the storage! The next 36 slots costs 100k
(More then that is cash shop only)
– You can buy more inventory space through the cash shop

CTRL+Z: Makes it so everything goes away so you can take a good screenshot.
CTRL+up arrow: Quick reply to whispers.
HOME: Opens the chatroom
F1-F6: Switches between your party members, very useful if your a supporter class so you can easily buff/heal them.
ALT+drag to another spot in your inventory: separates the items :D

Depending on how many minutes your logged in, and how many monster you’ve killed You’ll gain different grades of Blessed Time Crystal and Blessed Protection Crystal. You will gain a new one every 100 minute/kill or so.

ImageLevel up gift boxes! No they do not level you up, different level boxes give different things. Everything from cash shop buffs, exp scrolls, and equipment.
Levels: 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 55 are the levels you got a box to open.
If you end up getting glitched and don’t get a box, please send a mail to the GMs.

And if all this isn’t enough to keep you at Luna Online, don’t forget to explore the magical world of Luna, where every map has a scenery of it’s own!

To read the rest of this guide, go to This Link:  There is more details about characters and classes.

Luna Online Review

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Luna Online is an amazing game, I honestly don’t play it any longer and the reason is kind of complicated but it don’t change the fact it’s plain amazing.
It’s your typical 360degree point and click game but they have a huge span of additional features so it’s bound to be worth your time! Some of these features are fishing, farming, dating and construction system.
You’ll be clicking your fingers sore trying to get as many “perfect hits” as possible in fishing, getting the rare golden fish and turtle can give you rare treasures so it’s worth your time. Farming can keep you occupied for hours as you tend to both farm animals and plants with your family and of course there are special rewards in this as well as the fun of doing it.
When you first start Luna Online you’ll be able to Apply for Resident, you fill in a card with your Age, Region, Likes and Dislike. This is mostly used for Dating, some have high enough matching with you to set off an heart alarm but mostly everyone can go on a date with you. A date, is usually the date dungeon which you can use 3 times a day. It’s easy, and great exp so a lot of friends do it just for fun.

In most other games you need to follow a certain path in your job tree, Luna Online is different. They offer a huge class tree and you can jump in between each path at any class change. You don’t need to stick with being a healer from the beginning to the end: You can easily change from being a healer to being a damager and still keep all the skills from your healer class. This way you can shape in your character to fit your needs perfectly.

Luna Online: Gpotato (NA) Note: Gpotato changed the exp curve.
Luna Online: RunUp (SG)
Luna Online: RunUp (MY)

What made me Like Luna Online?
– Bosses on every monster map.
– Fishing
– Farming
– Dating
– Capsule rewards for monster kills and online time
– Item/Equipment creation system
– Easy tutorial
– Equipment set bonuses
– Level up Boxes

What made me Dislike Luna Online?
– Little originality in monsters
– They use the same monsters in higher levels just with different weapon etc etc.
– Cash shop in the Browser
– Heavy penality for PK
– Deaths in PK/GuildWars spawn in no safe zones so theres a lot of spawn killing.

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