Legend Of Edda

August 7, 2009 at 14:11 | Posted in Legend of Edda, Luna Online | 1 Comment
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We all know how we worship and drool over the cuteness of Luna Online, so I’m proud to present the newest game from the same developers: The MMOs name is Legend of Edda. But it’s an working title so it might get changed as time goes.
I don’t know korean at all, but I do go well with google translations so even I hunted down the Korean website and took a look and man it does look good. But firefox wouldn’t handle it so I had to open up Opera.

Legend of Edda based on the myth of Olympus and Titan promises to bring great fun for players by offering cool battle system and feel of console game.
They offer the typical classes of Fighter, Rogue and Mage. Below I’ve shown the job tree, sadly I don’t know the 3rd jobs but I will update as soon as I can.
So they will be in closed beta in Mid – August in Korea, that doesn’t mean we won’t see it in English soon. If I remember right it didn’t take Luna Online far till they were popping up on English Malaysian servers.







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