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LaTale is a 2D side scrolling game with Beautiful graphics and smoothing music. Even thought the first job change is at level 80 don’t let this turn you down: LaTale has a huge pool of skills. For an Warrior you can easily change from using a spear to a sword without delay and therefor able to use both skill trees if wanted!
LaTaleClient 2009-08-05 09-38-31-06
LaTaleClient 2009-08-05 09-41-00-03I’m the kind of person that would rather spam pots till I die then to grind the slow way, and thats how the beginning of LaTale is. You have the option to save your MP and enjoy the slow grind or just go ahead and get the skills and do it fast and smooth, which is probably the best way considering you get a 30min with EXP boost every day when you log in.

LaTale is the kind of game you want to play, my reason is the adorable perfect graphics and the AOEs. In most games you need to spend weeks and months to get high enough level for those sweet AOEs that makes your grinding easy and simple: In LaTale you get them on every skill. Some skill will rain from the heaven, others will just shot out in front of you but even a swing with a dagger will hit all the monsters standing there: It won’t just switch from the monsters whose closest to you.
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But LaTale offers other things too that might attract people: Combos, a Crafting system, a PVP Arena with great rewards, Instance Dungeons, Pets you can level up and can aid you in battle and even pick things up for you and then there is the Affection System.

I think I’m most facinated with the Affection System, in most games you just click that partner and BOOM your married loginscrweensdadasqd0or dating or god knows what. But in LaTale you need to work for it! There are different steps of the relationship just like reality, you need to get to a certain stage before proposing. I think this prevents all those wannabe players in MMORPGs that think their so mighty if they go around flirting with everyone and always marrying a new person every week. In LaTale when you first gotten Married you actually get rewards such as Party Buffs and Accessories.

LaTale, AeriaGames

LaTale, OGPlanet

What made me Like LaTale?
– You can Run
– Large Skill Pool
– Great graphics
– Cute and cheap Cash shop
– Pet system
– Interesting Couple system
– Mining/Crafting
– Good Music
– AOEs from low level
– Way Points out in the grinding area so you can teleport there instead of walking.

What made me Dislike LaTale?

– You can only choose on crafting skill, so to get the others you need other characters or just very very social =D
– Mages have a hard time at low level.

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