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So last time I found out that Aeriagames will be launching closed beta on HKO. And today I find out that Alaplaya has it for Europe on OPEN BETA! Geez, does no one send me any newsletters any longer? -.-”

Anyway, time for me to spin around and scream out in a childish world famous way: The Fangirl way. Hello Kitty have become a world icon. Waffle irons, necklaces, bags, dresses, underwear, toys and toys upon toys. Hello Kitty is massive! I’m actually visiting Japan next summer and I’ve already been at sites that sell stuff from japan and been drooling over all the things I wish to find there and buy ❤
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O yes, but this review should be about the game not hello kitty. As the game was downloading they had a very nice tutorial, which was actually quite entertaining and easy to learn even for kids who don’t have much experience with mmorpgs.

From screen shots I always had a fear that Hello Kitty would only look cheap, but as other game sites would call plain and boring graphics, I would rather view it as adorable pastel colored graphics that on some places actually look like jelly! Alright, some places it looks weird and bad like the ocean that don’t move, but then they have fishes and boats in it that actually move.
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I guess it was pretty empty at first, and this is definitely a community game and not your typical grind fest mmorpg. But I was playing at 5 in the morning, and it did get crowder as the hours flew by.

Hello Kitty isn’t just simply adorable, they have a huge focus on harvesting, cooking, farming, carpentry, mining, and even tailoring. But on this side it’s pretty negative because as far as I see there are no skills, no classes, no super damage mages and NO GRINDING! Well, yes, there are some monster defeating for quests but hey it’s not even killing monsters. Which is what makes it suited for kids, you don’t kill monsters in HKO, you simply make them fall asleep as they become defeated.
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The more and more I see of the scenery in HKO the more and more I get enchanted by it,  I mean the things you can gather are in the most beautiful shapes and sizes, among the trees you’ll find a few trees that’s shaped weirdly into some cute face and such things are everywhere: Cute statues and I just want to scream a good old “kyaa” in here :3

If you prefer social MMOs, with a free farm and a lot of other cute additional features don’t let the pink scare you away because it’s quite a fun game. Even if you dislike Hello Kitty, but who am I tried to fool? Everyone knows that Hello Kitty secretly controls the world, and the American president.
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What made me Like HKO?

– Adorable monster design
– They don’t force you to murder! Monsters fall asleep when defeated XDD
– Fast and smooth movement compared to other point and click games
– Minigames
– Adorable pets
– Easy to Learn
– No grind based Levels

What made me Dislike HKO?

– Could gave done better on character art
– Only gathering and talking quests at the beginning
– No Killing Skills?

Hello Kitty at AeriaGames

Hello Kitty at Alaplaya < EU

Hello Kitty Online

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So we’re talking cute games right, but what’s more cuter then the world’s biggest cute icon HELLO KITTY!!!! I know some country’s don’t got so much merchandise with hello kitty but I live in Norway and I even see that cat everywhere.

And Hello Kitty Online is going to be hosted by Aeriagames soon ❤ I had problems with their other host thus I couldn’t try it out but I known Aeriagames was planning on hosting it too so I waited and here it is finally. Well, they added a website to it.

But if I think about it, it’s probably been there awhile I just randomly walked into their site and started jumping up and down.

They have a lot of features, I’d start writing them down but why bother I’ll do a review as fast as closed beta hits us but if your more interested check out their website^^


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