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So I’m finally through it: My review of FlyFF. Actually this is my 3rd time trying FlyFF and I really didn’t like it the two first, but this time wasn’t that bad.
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But even though they have fixed a lot of the bugs I couldn’t stand back then there are still downsides with FlyFF, Like the grind, the dated graphics or the fact that for such a huge populated game most of us look alike because of bad customization, which really they should change put some more hairstyles or colors in there.

According to my friend who actually played FlyFF for a longer period of time stated that it’s a game you need to get used to. According to me, any game you need to get used to is simply ignoring flaws and getting addicted to the community.
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So it may not be for everyone, but that shouldn’t be a reason not to try it. In fact FlyFF does have some upsides to it that even I look forward to. They have game features such as flying, housing, pets and at higher levels you even get dungeons.

But to me, FlyFF is flawed. It’s nearly impossible to decorate your own house without cash shop since each thing costs over a million in in game money. The town is large, and to find out when and where your quests are you either need to spend half your game play running back and forth to town, and then through it. But of course it has a wiki but how fun is checking the Wiki every 3rd minute to find out where your monster is, or even if you get quests that level.
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Well as you can see I’m not that positive when it comes to this game, and it was boring at the beginning where you need to struggle through 15 levels of being a Vagrant but again I do see the potential. Getting my job and skills made it more fun and Gpotato offers a lot of events, and it has a huge community, and then theres flying at level 20 which is pretty darn fun.

Flyff would probably be the type of game I’ll sit and force myself through it waiting for the promise it’ll actually get better, but honestly there are better options to keep myself entertained then Flyff. Maybe if there were more people at lower levels I’d actually enjoy going through the grind hell, maybe thats why I’d rather play a game like scions of fate then FlyFF.
Neuz 2009-08-10 20-13-36-75
What made me Like FlyFF?
– EXP scrolls stacks
– Tons of different healing food drops from monsters
– A lot of classes to choose from
– Stat reset when class change
– Can get hour long Buffs from penguin guy
– A lot of Giants/Bosses around
– Stat reset at job change.
– Couple System

What made me Dislike FlyFF?

– To few quests
– Not enough character customation
– Spammers
– I spotted a few bots
– 2 stat points per level
– Cant see EXP from monsters
– Cant see difference between skill levels on the skill window.
– Quest Items don’t drop as often as they should

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