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I have had my doubts about Fiesta for a long time because everywhere I hear all this negative about how repeatable it is and how boring it gets but what MMORPG isn’t repeatable? Kill this, walk there but Fiesta did end up pleasant for me after all.
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I can understand how it’s boring at the beginning, first skill is at level 3, then the next level 5. It must be dreadful. No, seriously I see they use the same monsters a lot in the beginning just changing their color and small things but besides from that I find Fiesta interesting.

They offer a very interesting Kingdom Quest which is a kind of dungeon, the goal goes from survival, to killing the boss to just killing everything within the time limit. Of course it sucks how they only run every two hours but it’s still something to look forward to!
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Fiesta is a simple game, but it’s anything from boring if you think that. They have this weird looking turkey that comes to bug you every time you need to do something. And if you have the opportunity to spend some real cash you should definitely try out Remi’s Rare Find, it’s a kind of lottery and if your Lucky you definitely won’t regret using money on it.

My fav part of Fiesta was the Alchemy, sure I could only pick 2 Alchemy skills and nothing else. And sure it might take some time to get to the really great stuff like speed potions but I loved running around the forest looking for mushroom and plants to create what I needed. Of course some of them needs items from monsters so main focus was killing.
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And then there is the Mushroom House! I even had to screenshot it, as you reach higher level you can change the mushroom and you can even access other fancy looking ones from the cash shop but their simply ADORABLE!! And best part is they make this adorable sound when you open them. Oh, I should probably mention they regenerate your HP and SP faster and thats the purpose with them.

Fiesta, Outspark

Fiesta, Gamingo

Fiesta 2009-08-05 14-30-41-78What made me Like Fiesta?
– Can turn off black lines so the art looks neater.
– Easy to Learn
– PvP Zones
– Alchemy
– Item Enhancement
– Got two different pots to heal yourself

What made me Dislike Fiesta?
– Can only choose 2 Crafting Skills
– Boring Quests
– Slow walk
– Annoying Music

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