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Just looking at Ether Saga gives me chills, it’s so colorful, lively with amazing graphics. If your looking for a cute game: Then Ether Saga Online is the game for you!

ESO offers 3 different races all with their different looks and their very own pets. Yes you heard me, EVERY character get a pet at the beginning and the taming system to get other pets later on is very interesting.

Renzu are archetypal humans, Shenzu the demigod race and Yaoh is the race that were once animals.

A really neat system of ESO is birthdays, which I heavly recommend reading about on their official forum becuase different birthdays give different skills and theres actually this very handy person that made a birthday skill calculator for those that want to fit the birthday to the kind of character they want to have.

Another original system of ESO is the stat system, you don’t get stats every level but every 5 level you gain 5 points which you can use on the 5 elements: Oora, Unda, Windu, Pyra, and Erda. Confused? Don’t be.
Oora: +3 strength, slightly increase Chance of Critcast.
Unda: Health +20, increased Health Recovery Rate while not in combat
Windu: +1 Intellect, +1 Resistance, increase Resilience and slightly increases Critstrike Bonus Damage
Pyra: Intellect +3
Erda: Strength +1, Defense +1, increase Accuracy and slightly increases Critcast Bonus Damage
It’s almost as normal int/str/con/agi and so on, because in normal games if Int gives intellect (magic attack) it usually also gives more magic defence, and MP. Here they just explained it better for those who isn’t that experienced in the world of MMORPGs
It has both point and click and W/A/S/D

It also offers autowalk, so if you decide to grab a bite you can just walk all the way. but if you don’t like to walk between towns you can also teleport.

There are very few things that I actually dislike about ether saga, they fast cover up the things I want in an mmorpg: Easy explained, pets, good minimap, good chat system, cash shop and good graphics.

Now ether saga does have their bad points, one is their player ranking system. For some this is a great system, but for others it will just be used as a power tool to be the best and probably get really cocky if they are. They have rankings by level, gold, dominance, infamy and by virtue. Another bad thing is the grind, I started noticing it around level 10 when I suddenly counted that I as a mage needed 7-10 hits just to kill of an enemy!


And worst was I thought i got lucky, i had 3 quests to kill the same monster. Easy leveling right? No totally FAIL! It’s different then other mmorpgs where each quests will count the kill here you need to kill the 15 for quest one then the 20 for quest two which in the end makes 35 monsters. But who knows, it might get easier in a few levels when you get some more skills since people are already in their 90s.

But in the end, I just really enjoyed Ether Saga! And if you can handle the grind I say go for it.

What made me like Ether Saga?

– Adorable graphics
– Smooth music
– Cute pet system
– Intresting monster design
– Good tutorial at the beginning
– Mining system
– Own trade channel
– Tons of channels
– Interesting Stat system
– You get to fly on a cloud!

What made me dislike Ether Saga?
– Grind based future
– A lot of walking
– Few skills early on

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