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When I first tried Dragonica I was really impressed, they have an amazing story behind every class each with a movie you can view if you choose: some sad and some just fun. It makes the storylovers really have something to grip onto from the first start.
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But it don’t end with just a trailer, from the tutorial and out to your first town you get your first story. The quests you do have a purpose their not pointless fetch and kill. The blacksmith needs leather to create armour, the streetpunk makes a bet with you, and the towns head is asking you for help to rescue his daughter which you actually meet in the tutorial! Yes there is an evil in dragonica indeed and you need to help fight it.

Besides the different background story of each character they also start off in their own original town, all with their own art and theme but you can easily run over to the next town and play the first few levels with a friend since the NPCs there will offer the same quests as your original town.
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Expect my impression on how colorful, great art and how fun it is when the NPCs talk about their day and thoughts Dragonica actually got a lot of things to offer: A great and rewarding combo system, a dungeon system, dating, refining, cooking and a pvp system

What made me really take to Dragonica was the hole gameplay at all, you really need to be good with your fingers to do well. Jumping, Sprinting, SpamClicking and doing the different skills after the others was a lot harder then I was used to. As a thief which was my first character I had to throw the monsters up in the air, jump and then use a skill that made me spin around up there hitting the monsters. Doing that all at the same time took a lot out of me so this Noob changed to Archer which was a lot easier since I had one skill to throw them up in the air and then all I had to do was spam one buttom and they would get hit up there.
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The mission maps is another thing that made me like Dragonica, since these mission maps got all the monsters which are outside you rarely need to kill outside the dungeons. Atleast not at the beginning. The missions give great EXP and depending on how good you do inside you get a grade and you can gain equipments or other special items as an reward.

For the future, Dragonica already showed us previews of a own housing system with your own maid! and pets that you grow, help you in combat and you can actually mount.

1What made me Like Dragonica?
– NPCs talk
– NPC art change faces
– Colorful and good graphics
– Combo system
– Dungeons
– PvP
– Backstory of each character
– Titles that can give stats
– Each class jumps differently

What made me Dislike Dragonica?

I think there is only one thing, no two things that made me dislike Dragonica. One of them is that even though it’s not impossible it’s hard to be anti social in Dragonica since most of the mission maps needs other people too or a few million pots or so, and depending on when your awake it might not be as crowded, but considering there is both an NA version, international version AND an EU version it won’t be as much a problem now then it was before the EU version came. The other thing that made me dislike it, is that it might not be for everyone: Not everyone likes the way they kill with the hole combo thing, I’m sorry people they just dont want you to grind the easy way of standing still and clicking 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 all night long =D

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