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So I decided to try out Angels Online, I haven’t before because it has bad graphics: I saw advertisement and screenshot and judged it on looks. Which has become a bad habit for me in my mmorpg life. But I just had to go and prove myself wrong: Angels Online is an Amazing game, yes on some places the graphics are bad and even dated but some of the scenery and systems they have in AO is just deligfull and I am impressed. They offer a housing system, pet system, 14 playable classes and tons of cute animations!

I think the only thing that ISN’T cute is our own character, they look awful to me: But it also has it’s good points. They have a large amount of hair styles, hair color and skin colors to choose from so you can be as original as you want to! If you agree with me and want to run away due to the characters looking a bit funky, don’t! This game have a ton of other cute pixels to offer: Like two butterflies dancing together in the air, sparkling water, adorable monsters and so much more!

I really like the story of the game, it isn’t just those typical go kill that go pick that with no purpose. Angel Online haveangel 2009-07-29 10-53-56-53 found a way to sew in a story to make it seem like there is a purpose without creating a half hour with reading material for us. You start off as a young angel, in school and you need to take classes and collect points. When you’ve gained enough points you can graduaget’s fun, you get to choose between 4 different towns to stay at each with their own scenery! I of course choose the forests because I love green and animals!

Another system which I really liked in Angels Online is skills, In normal game you get some sort of skill points which you gain every time you level. In AO it’s different: You have to level up your skills, which you do by using them. It’s angel 2009-07-29 12-49-06-32just like leveling yourself up! You kill monster and gain exp so your character can level. You use a skill and the skill get’s exp! Get enough levels and you can buy a scroll and your skills will become even more powerful!

So, if you end up getting careless or unlucky and die don’t panic! In Angels Online you get the option to either revive back in town or become a dead angel or ghost as some call it and revive at a nearby revival stone and theres a revival stone in every map!

On a last note I’d like to mention that it’s impossible not to compare this game to trickster, but it is not because their alike. It’s because they have the same set up on movement. This is very common, it’s the same with Maple Story: Every 2d side scrolling game out there people will scream and cry how it’s just another maple clone when it’s nothing alike expect the fact their 2d side scrolling. But there were a few things that really stands out to me that their different: Their angels with 14 hole classes, not animals with only 4 classes (or 8, but it’s only 4 but different gender different looks). Then theres skills, in Trickster being a mage is awfull the cooldown are high and how to even use skills are difficult but on AO it’s easy you can just click the fast keys while having the monster selected and the cooldown is really fast so you don’t have to run around like a maniac waiting to be able to use your skill again.

What made me like Angels Online?
express yourself– Class Options (14 classes)
– Great Music
– Great Crafting system
– Cute Animations
– Skills has it’s own level (When you use them you gain exp for them)
– Level Up Boxes

AngelscharWhat made me dislike Angels Online?
– Bad minimap
– No quest Signs
– No graphic option to remove black lines
– To much time on the same monster map
– Bad pixel graphics on certain things

– Cant see level on monster

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