Cute MMORPGs is an review site for all cute-themed MMORPGs out there. If you know of any cute MMORPGs you wish to see here that have yet to come up please contact me.


So in the recent years the amount of new games that people consider as cute have been raining down on us! Cute-style MMOs are typical originated from East Asia such as Japan, Korea and China but no matter where their from I’ll try my best to get them all on to this site! Now in the beginning it will probably be a bit slow before I get all the other cute MMORPGs on the site and then I can start focusing on upcoming MMORPGs that we’re all eagerly expecting!

So whose running Cutest MMORPGs? Well I do, my name is Kaisa or more known as Cayena ingame. I’m currently living in Norway so my spelling probably isn’t top notch but I like to believe I write in a sense that at least is understandable.

On an last note I’d like to add that I very, very rarely work on weekends. But I do try to update daily on weekdays^^

If you got any questions, recommendations, feedback or simply want to chat you can email me or MSN me at: Ca.yena@live.com


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  1. i really love your reviews. 😀

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