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  1. OMG! whoever you are! i so love u!! u really explained the games very well unlike the others..beside telling some good responses u can also tell negative feed backs which i do love and know more about the game!
    well this time..i was trying now Luna and Tales runner.. there graphics are fabulous and best of all..everything was cute than what i expected! maybe ill try the others..but for now..just count me out..
    i’ve been trying many MMORPGs Flyff,Luna,Tales Runner,Fiesta…and Oh..Destiny Online too..
    You should try it and say something bout it..the style of playing it is just like Luna..but its 2d and Luna is cuter! but hey! why not try right??
    I know there are lots more MMORPG games out there..but i cannot blame myself if i’m hypnotized with kawaii graphics and not just so boyish type such as War Craft.
    im also a lil bit curious bout “Rose Online” try checking it ot too! cute graphics and funky color backrounds too..but i havent yet tried playing it..just criticizing it the way it looks in videos and photos…
    LOL..just like everybody the girl who’s lazy to try and just simply click photos and surf videos and wont wait to DL and install..blah blah blah!
    im also addicted at Virtual worlds before but its nicer if you’ve got many quest to do rather than just sit and talk with other people bout yourself..its just so plain boring(except if others wanna find some mate only ^^).
    Oh! but well..MMORPG is still the best..but i wont force the people to close there screens and play MMORPG now…i still play PC games a lot..and got really addicted with Sims3, a simulation PC game that you’ll be addicted with it and sit for more than 7 hours with just plain can of coke and junk food on your sad.
    But honestly..whatever the game your playing now…its loyal with it as long as u like as long as youll be happy playing it either…but it doesnt mean u need to play until morning until u look like a zombie..but hey..its up to you!
    coz i believe…friends are still the most entertaining when you play a game…GUYS! dont be such an Emo or Loner ok!
    GEE..i know its too long…maybe others reading this fell asleep im the chair..but i don’t care! joke!♥

    PS! i love what you done especially the blogs! love it! love it! love it! (=♥o♥=)

  2. im sorry..if there are words which are mis spelled..coz its a lil late now…around 2:45AM here and out of my mind..LOL..but i think the readers will still understand what im saying, right??

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