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GhostX isn’t your typical fantasy MMORPG, it’s set to a metro theme of the future where you and your new friend a nanobot, which at first glance you’d think was a pet but it actually some kind of monster that you end up joining forces with to kick some ghosts ass!!
GhostX 2009-08-24 01-54-38-64
But, really, I was hoping for more “cuteness” in it, and from what I could see the only cute thing in the game were characters but I guess they didn’t exactly try to make those cute, it seemed more as to try to make it anime style to attract more members. I suppose I should say those ducks in the sewer could be a sign of a cuter future, but really those robot ducks looks more like some freaky weird hybrid of a duck and a spider. Nightmare? Oh, if only I was 10 and scared just as easily haha^^”
GhostX 2009-08-24 03-12-12-79
I’ll never quite understand the concept that every movie, game, and so on that has to be all futuristic has to be so gray and boring. It’s not like in 100 years or so when we’re flying in space that we’ve gone colorblind and don’t know the pleasure of a nice picture on the wall you know.

As I enjoy deep woods with mysterious creatures and beautiful shining lakes go by, I got to say if you have an open mind and don’t mind the hole gray metallic future but still running around killing with swords: GhostX is an actually entertaining game.
GhostX 2009-08-24 01-59-00-21
GhostX been out awhile, and I got to say I am VERY disappointed how they still manage to have an graphical error as your EXP bar looking like something a robot puked out, but then again maybe it’s something I did wrong.

Now, GhostX offers both a game with a back story and progress. As there are several areas you may walk around and talk with people it is still a mission based game. Each mission have several quests, but each mission have extra goals they want you to meet. The first mission’s goal was to get at least 22,000 as a score, with no deaths and within 15min. Now if you die, get way less and still pull it off within 15min you can redo it to try get 22k and no deaths checked as well.
GhostX 2009-08-24 03-50-50-70
GhostX 2009-08-24 03-50-57-40But even outside the mission maps which have the story all us RPGer crave for, there are quests that npc holds: Everything from training, time mission and just talking around. You may gain exp, items end as you progress they will unlock new maps for you.

What made me like GhostX?
– Unique Nanobot system
– The Nanobots can evolve
– Plenty of Quests
– Nice and simple interface
– Storyline
– Half sidescrolling Half not
– Short and easy to learn tutorial

What made me dislike GhostX?
Theres very few strong dislikes with GhostX, sure there are some glitches that have yet to been fixed, and theres no option to remove black outlines. But overall, if you ain’t horrible against SciFi games with super cute characters and a lot of action I’d strongly recommend it.

I feel cheated, I should play a few more hours just to see if I’ll find the scenery in that trailer xDD I probably will tomorrow due to boredom anyway

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