I gone inactive? Your delusional!!

August 21, 2009 at 16:36 | Posted in News | 1 Comment

The last week or so I’ve been awfully busy, with new kittens in the house which I needed to run after every 5min due to either messing something up, pooping, or just plain crying because they missed each other by a few meters. Now, this week was my birthday so I think I’ve had a legal reason to slack of and enjoy the life ❤ ( >_> yeah that’s what I say, what I really did was waste an entire salary on manga and refused to leave the sofa for days)

But From Monday I’ll get my ass back into the gaming chair and work till my heart bounce ❤ And I’d just like to use my time to tell you guys what I will update so I can’t slack next week o_o it might become a habit never know



My adorable Asda has come to Europe, and closed beta is coming at the end of next week. Now I played Asda a LONG time ago, but at the end it got pretty dead which sucked ass. But, Asda is a really great game if there’s people around so I hope the EU can keep it alive this time

Ys Online

Open Beta and half cute, it’s not the typical 100% cute, in fact I wouldn’t even call it 50% but the characters are so adorable! I only spent a few minutes in the game up till now so I need to explore it some more before I can give you the review you deserve


another half cute thang ❤ Let’s hope it’s good. But I’m not really 100% sure considering the screenshots where bad, but some cute sightings where seen at their website, but meh if it’s not cute I’ll post it anyway and blame my friends recommendations xD


I guess it’s been around awhile, but I’ve been wanting to play it so I’ll make it my job to get it on my blog ❤
I also have halfwritten reviews of destiny online, pirate king online, and crazy tao. I’ve just been stalling and not wanting to finish them. So we will see if I come around to finish those too next week as well.

I’d also like to say you will never ever see a review on Mabinogi, someone asked me why I hadn’t done it already. I blame nexon and it’s IP blocks, lets just hope someone with a better mind buys it and hosts it for us in europe too.

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  1. I know this i kinda late. But Happy Birthday. I love you site 🙂 And I did the same thing for my birthday except i also bought Final Fatasy too =P

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