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bg02_1Vanilla Gate fell into my lap by accident, my friend was asking about it and I had no idea what it was. But none the less it’s cute, and it really does look interesting.

Vanilla Gate is a mix of an MMORPG, a console game and an education system. There is the typical interesting back story that everyone should read but you don’t get to see much of it in the beginning of the game.
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Sadly, there isn’t any town to walk around in and talk to NPCs and so on: You need to choose Game Mode. There are Team, Single and Quest. Within Team and Single Mode there are other different modes of how you play the game: Time Attack, Taking Flag, Bumming Run, Death Match, Sudden Death, Crazy and Vanilla King.

I spent most of my time running around in the Quest Mode, there are different quests you choose from and in that quests there are several different maps you can go through and you can repeat the same one several times.
client 2009-08-11 18-54-41-75
But why want to repeat? Well, each quest map will want you to collect all the letters of a word. Simple words like World, Island, and Ill. When you get all the letters you’ll get a card that will reward you with things such as EXP, money (bread looking thing). But it’s not always you’ll find all the letters and finish the quest at the same time so you repeat. Great thing with it, is even if you don’t finish in one round: Next time it still counts as you already got the letter.

Vanilla Gate don’t got classes, you can buy skills and change weapon as you please. This way you can have both melee and magic skills on one character: Bad thing is that there is only room for 3 skills at the same time so it’s important that you choose wisely.
client 2009-08-11 19-02-10-51
Then there’s the pet system, their cute, their adorable but they take time to get. Why? Because when you buy them as an egg you can’t even use them. You need 10 ore looking things to evolve it into a kid (They say kid, but it’s not like a human child. Just a kid pet) These ores you can get from quests, and you can buy them from the shop: But either way it will take a long time before you end up with a pet.

Overall, I honestly think it’s a game worth to try. Especially if you like other MMORPGs like Tales Runner or Grand Chase. Vanilla Gate might not be as fast paced as Tales Runner, nor as PvP related as Grand Chase but it’s built up the same way and definitely worth a try.
client 2009-08-11 19-03-48-10
What made me Like Vanilla Gate?
– Great Graphics
– No Cash shop, but Have Fashion
– Can change angle
– Different Game Modes
– Can buy Skills
– A lot of different areas
– Good back story
– Has JUMPING! ❤

What made me Dislike Vanilla Gate?
– Bad explained on whats the weird things on the ground
– Need a lot of material to Enchant items.
– Mini Icon of yourself doesn’t change according to your looks
– Randomly threw me into Window Mode with no option to get it back unless I restart the game.

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