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I don’t quite know how I pull it off, but every time I try NosTale something happens that makes me hate it and honestly I’ve never made it past the Explorer job. First time my pet got stuck somewhere and I had to use forever to walk them together. This time I didn’t get job level 20 till I was 18 myself, and as little as it may sound trust me it was like being in a boot camp from hell. Without spamming pots I had to sit on my ass after every monster I killed else I’d probably die a horrible death and trust me I was close to quitting but then I made it.
nostalex 2009-07-31 15-04-40-79
Mage. O my lovely Mage. I could finally two hit monsters, sometimes 3. My HP went down a lot but I didn’t have to sit on my butt after every monster and I can finally write a review of NosTale without the cloud of hatred for the game.

But yes, it don’t change the bad point of NosTale of slow walking and slow combat up to job change. It dosn’t change boring conversations you have to struggle your eyes through but Nostale DOES have it’s good points only if you manage to survive the beginner class.
nostalex 2009-08-04 11-53-33-31
NosTale offers a great pet system or as they call it “Nosmates” You can tame almost every monster you find and level them up and they will fight as your companion. Unlike other pet systems you can actually switch to your pet and walk around or kill monsters by yourself while your character rests or does something else.

NosTale also have something called Stone of Timespace, a mission dungeon. You can go in them for fun, but you most likely have to go in there for quests either way. It’s interesting and fun, it has timers and sometimes even puzzels along side with monster killing and at the end you get an reward. Bad side with this is that you can easily get tired because their rather an repeatable dungeon design.
nostalex 2009-08-02 11-21-15-04
NosTale also has a housing system, buy them with the gold you earn from monsters or through cash shop – Build your own house and garden for you and your pets! With the housing system you can have your own warehouse in the house, and even a place for all your production activities.

NosTale Global Server
NosTale EU server

What made me Like NosTale?
– Housing System
– Pet System
– Cute Design
– Indebt skill system
– Mining
– Dungeon
– Can turn Screen

What made me Dislike NosTale?
– Slow Walk
– Slow Combat
– Repetive Dungeon Design
– Have to Right Click to get information on Items/Equipment/Skills
– Long and Boring conversations
– Can’t use W/A/S/D

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