Luna Online Review

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Luna Online is an amazing game, I honestly don’t play it any longer and the reason is kind of complicated but it don’t change the fact it’s plain amazing.
It’s your typical 360degree point and click game but they have a huge span of additional features so it’s bound to be worth your time! Some of these features are fishing, farming, dating and construction system.
You’ll be clicking your fingers sore trying to get as many “perfect hits” as possible in fishing, getting the rare golden fish and turtle can give you rare treasures so it’s worth your time. Farming can keep you occupied for hours as you tend to both farm animals and plants with your family and of course there are special rewards in this as well as the fun of doing it.
When you first start Luna Online you’ll be able to Apply for Resident, you fill in a card with your Age, Region, Likes and Dislike. This is mostly used for Dating, some have high enough matching with you to set off an heart alarm but mostly everyone can go on a date with you. A date, is usually the date dungeon which you can use 3 times a day. It’s easy, and great exp so a lot of friends do it just for fun.

In most other games you need to follow a certain path in your job tree, Luna Online is different. They offer a huge class tree and you can jump in between each path at any class change. You don’t need to stick with being a healer from the beginning to the end: You can easily change from being a healer to being a damager and still keep all the skills from your healer class. This way you can shape in your character to fit your needs perfectly.

Luna Online: Gpotato (NA) Note: Gpotato changed the exp curve.
Luna Online: RunUp (SG)
Luna Online: RunUp (MY)

What made me Like Luna Online?
– Bosses on every monster map.
– Fishing
– Farming
– Dating
– Capsule rewards for monster kills and online time
– Item/Equipment creation system
– Easy tutorial
– Equipment set bonuses
– Level up Boxes

What made me Dislike Luna Online?
– Little originality in monsters
– They use the same monsters in higher levels just with different weapon etc etc.
– Cash shop in the Browser
– Heavy penality for PK
– Deaths in PK/GuildWars spawn in no safe zones so theres a lot of spawn killing.

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