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GhostX isn’t your typical fantasy MMORPG, it’s set to a metro theme of the future where you and your new friend a nanobot, which at first glance you’d think was a pet but it actually some kind of monster that you end up joining forces with to kick some ghosts ass!!
GhostX 2009-08-24 01-54-38-64
But, really, I was hoping for more “cuteness” in it, and from what I could see the only cute thing in the game were characters but I guess they didn’t exactly try to make those cute, it seemed more as to try to make it anime style to attract more members. I suppose I should say those ducks in the sewer could be a sign of a cuter future, but really those robot ducks looks more like some freaky weird hybrid of a duck and a spider. Nightmare? Oh, if only I was 10 and scared just as easily haha^^”
GhostX 2009-08-24 03-12-12-79
I’ll never quite understand the concept that every movie, game, and so on that has to be all futuristic has to be so gray and boring. It’s not like in 100 years or so when we’re flying in space that we’ve gone colorblind and don’t know the pleasure of a nice picture on the wall you know.

As I enjoy deep woods with mysterious creatures and beautiful shining lakes go by, I got to say if you have an open mind and don’t mind the hole gray metallic future but still running around killing with swords: GhostX is an actually entertaining game.
GhostX 2009-08-24 01-59-00-21
GhostX been out awhile, and I got to say I am VERY disappointed how they still manage to have an graphical error as your EXP bar looking like something a robot puked out, but then again maybe it’s something I did wrong.

Now, GhostX offers both a game with a back story and progress. As there are several areas you may walk around and talk with people it is still a mission based game. Each mission have several quests, but each mission have extra goals they want you to meet. The first mission’s goal was to get at least 22,000 as a score, with no deaths and within 15min. Now if you die, get way less and still pull it off within 15min you can redo it to try get 22k and no deaths checked as well.
GhostX 2009-08-24 03-50-50-70
GhostX 2009-08-24 03-50-57-40But even outside the mission maps which have the story all us RPGer crave for, there are quests that npc holds: Everything from training, time mission and just talking around. You may gain exp, items end as you progress they will unlock new maps for you.

What made me like GhostX?
– Unique Nanobot system
– The Nanobots can evolve
– Plenty of Quests
– Nice and simple interface
– Storyline
– Half sidescrolling Half not
– Short and easy to learn tutorial

What made me dislike GhostX?
Theres very few strong dislikes with GhostX, sure there are some glitches that have yet to been fixed, and theres no option to remove black outlines. But overall, if you ain’t horrible against SciFi games with super cute characters and a lot of action I’d strongly recommend it.

I feel cheated, I should play a few more hours just to see if I’ll find the scenery in that trailer xDD I probably will tomorrow due to boredom anyway

I gone inactive? Your delusional!!

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The last week or so I’ve been awfully busy, with new kittens in the house which I needed to run after every 5min due to either messing something up, pooping, or just plain crying because they missed each other by a few meters. Now, this week was my birthday so I think I’ve had a legal reason to slack of and enjoy the life ❤ ( >_> yeah that’s what I say, what I really did was waste an entire salary on manga and refused to leave the sofa for days)

But From Monday I’ll get my ass back into the gaming chair and work till my heart bounce ❤ And I’d just like to use my time to tell you guys what I will update so I can’t slack next week o_o it might become a habit never know



My adorable Asda has come to Europe, and closed beta is coming at the end of next week. Now I played Asda a LONG time ago, but at the end it got pretty dead which sucked ass. But, Asda is a really great game if there’s people around so I hope the EU can keep it alive this time

Ys Online

Open Beta and half cute, it’s not the typical 100% cute, in fact I wouldn’t even call it 50% but the characters are so adorable! I only spent a few minutes in the game up till now so I need to explore it some more before I can give you the review you deserve


another half cute thang ❤ Let’s hope it’s good. But I’m not really 100% sure considering the screenshots where bad, but some cute sightings where seen at their website, but meh if it’s not cute I’ll post it anyway and blame my friends recommendations xD


I guess it’s been around awhile, but I’ve been wanting to play it so I’ll make it my job to get it on my blog ❤
I also have halfwritten reviews of destiny online, pirate king online, and crazy tao. I’ve just been stalling and not wanting to finish them. So we will see if I come around to finish those too next week as well.

I’d also like to say you will never ever see a review on Mabinogi, someone asked me why I hadn’t done it already. I blame nexon and it’s IP blocks, lets just hope someone with a better mind buys it and hosts it for us in europe too.

Hello Kitty Review

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So last time I found out that Aeriagames will be launching closed beta on HKO. And today I find out that Alaplaya has it for Europe on OPEN BETA! Geez, does no one send me any newsletters any longer? -.-”

Anyway, time for me to spin around and scream out in a childish world famous way: The Fangirl way. Hello Kitty have become a world icon. Waffle irons, necklaces, bags, dresses, underwear, toys and toys upon toys. Hello Kitty is massive! I’m actually visiting Japan next summer and I’ve already been at sites that sell stuff from japan and been drooling over all the things I wish to find there and buy ❤
hko 2009-08-19 05-23-14-31
O yes, but this review should be about the game not hello kitty. As the game was downloading they had a very nice tutorial, which was actually quite entertaining and easy to learn even for kids who don’t have much experience with mmorpgs.

From screen shots I always had a fear that Hello Kitty would only look cheap, but as other game sites would call plain and boring graphics, I would rather view it as adorable pastel colored graphics that on some places actually look like jelly! Alright, some places it looks weird and bad like the ocean that don’t move, but then they have fishes and boats in it that actually move.
hko 2009-08-19 09-11-22-34
I guess it was pretty empty at first, and this is definitely a community game and not your typical grind fest mmorpg. But I was playing at 5 in the morning, and it did get crowder as the hours flew by.

Hello Kitty isn’t just simply adorable, they have a huge focus on harvesting, cooking, farming, carpentry, mining, and even tailoring. But on this side it’s pretty negative because as far as I see there are no skills, no classes, no super damage mages and NO GRINDING! Well, yes, there are some monster defeating for quests but hey it’s not even killing monsters. Which is what makes it suited for kids, you don’t kill monsters in HKO, you simply make them fall asleep as they become defeated.
hko 2009-08-19 09-21-07-25
The more and more I see of the scenery in HKO the more and more I get enchanted by it,  I mean the things you can gather are in the most beautiful shapes and sizes, among the trees you’ll find a few trees that’s shaped weirdly into some cute face and such things are everywhere: Cute statues and I just want to scream a good old “kyaa” in here :3

If you prefer social MMOs, with a free farm and a lot of other cute additional features don’t let the pink scare you away because it’s quite a fun game. Even if you dislike Hello Kitty, but who am I tried to fool? Everyone knows that Hello Kitty secretly controls the world, and the American president.
hko 2009-08-19 05-59-48-26
What made me Like HKO?

– Adorable monster design
– They don’t force you to murder! Monsters fall asleep when defeated XDD
– Fast and smooth movement compared to other point and click games
– Minigames
– Adorable pets
– Easy to Learn
– No grind based Levels

What made me Dislike HKO?

– Could gave done better on character art
– Only gathering and talking quests at the beginning
– No Killing Skills?

Hello Kitty at AeriaGames

Hello Kitty at Alaplaya < EU

Hello Kitty Online

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So we’re talking cute games right, but what’s more cuter then the world’s biggest cute icon HELLO KITTY!!!! I know some country’s don’t got so much merchandise with hello kitty but I live in Norway and I even see that cat everywhere.

And Hello Kitty Online is going to be hosted by Aeriagames soon ❤ I had problems with their other host thus I couldn’t try it out but I known Aeriagames was planning on hosting it too so I waited and here it is finally. Well, they added a website to it.

But if I think about it, it’s probably been there awhile I just randomly walked into their site and started jumping up and down.

They have a lot of features, I’d start writing them down but why bother I’ll do a review as fast as closed beta hits us but if your more interested check out their website^^

Disney Fantasy Online

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Well weekends gone and I’m finally back to my dear blog, and my first post shall be with the cutest little characters that we all grew up with from Disney.

Yeah, you heard me: There’s now coming out an MMORPG called Disney Fantasy Online.

Disney Fantasy Online closed beta will start on August 17th which, is today actually! So if you really really want you should definitely give it a try!

Reading up on Disney Fantasy Online it sure does sound good, but it’ll have the pro’s and cons. Like it’s turn based, and I can’t STAND turn based. But it would definitely be worth a try.

There are a lot of other features such as being able to travel with Disney Themed pets or companions, and as you travel through all the different lands to explore you can fully customize your player avatar with a lot of different in-game items.

There is also an option to create your own castle, your own space to say. You can upgrade, Assemble, Trade and Share! Let’s just hope that won’t be cash shop related.

Oh, and for you others – The website didn’t have screenshots .__. so.. I decided to steal some >_>”

Legend of Edda Trailers

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If your one of those guys that dislike PvP in cute games, then I got bad news for you. But for others who just enjoy drooling over Korean games which we won’t see for a few years here’s some more information on Legend of Edda.

I honestly never get why people dislike PvPing in cute games, I know some of the so called cute games like trickster probably makes PvP a bit more slow then normal game thus turns people off~

But Legend of Edda offers a lot of battle options for multi-player PvP. You can find different types such as the typical PK to Capture the Flag, Instance Race, Monster Race, Tournaments, and more.

There is also something called Capture the Relics Battle, which is a PvP battle ground between the two sides of Gods of Olympus and the Titans (Legend of Edda puts it’s story line based on European Mythology)

To be able to win Capture the Relics Battle you need to capture, carry and secure the relics, which, kinda is in the name right?

Legend of Edda first post

Fly For Fun.

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So I’m finally through it: My review of FlyFF. Actually this is my 3rd time trying FlyFF and I really didn’t like it the two first, but this time wasn’t that bad.
Neuz 2009-08-07 14-47-59-39
But even though they have fixed a lot of the bugs I couldn’t stand back then there are still downsides with FlyFF, Like the grind, the dated graphics or the fact that for such a huge populated game most of us look alike because of bad customization, which really they should change put some more hairstyles or colors in there.

According to my friend who actually played FlyFF for a longer period of time stated that it’s a game you need to get used to. According to me, any game you need to get used to is simply ignoring flaws and getting addicted to the community.
Neuz 2009-08-10 16-09-07-90
So it may not be for everyone, but that shouldn’t be a reason not to try it. In fact FlyFF does have some upsides to it that even I look forward to. They have game features such as flying, housing, pets and at higher levels you even get dungeons.

But to me, FlyFF is flawed. It’s nearly impossible to decorate your own house without cash shop since each thing costs over a million in in game money. The town is large, and to find out when and where your quests are you either need to spend half your game play running back and forth to town, and then through it. But of course it has a wiki but how fun is checking the Wiki every 3rd minute to find out where your monster is, or even if you get quests that level.
Neuz 2009-08-10 20-10-00-81
Well as you can see I’m not that positive when it comes to this game, and it was boring at the beginning where you need to struggle through 15 levels of being a Vagrant but again I do see the potential. Getting my job and skills made it more fun and Gpotato offers a lot of events, and it has a huge community, and then theres flying at level 20 which is pretty darn fun.

Flyff would probably be the type of game I’ll sit and force myself through it waiting for the promise it’ll actually get better, but honestly there are better options to keep myself entertained then Flyff. Maybe if there were more people at lower levels I’d actually enjoy going through the grind hell, maybe thats why I’d rather play a game like scions of fate then FlyFF.
Neuz 2009-08-10 20-13-36-75
What made me Like FlyFF?
– EXP scrolls stacks
– Tons of different healing food drops from monsters
– A lot of classes to choose from
– Stat reset when class change
– Can get hour long Buffs from penguin guy
– A lot of Giants/Bosses around
– Stat reset at job change.
– Couple System

What made me Dislike FlyFF?

– To few quests
– Not enough character customation
– Spammers
– I spotted a few bots
– 2 stat points per level
– Cant see EXP from monsters
– Cant see difference between skill levels on the skill window.
– Quest Items don’t drop as often as they should

Scions of Fate Review

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So, it had to come. The day my friend randomly spit out a MMORPG name, and the day he tried to doom me for hell. I, honesty have tried Scions of Fate before for like a few minutes or so, either way couldn’t have been long.

I am dreading, I am honestly dreading my time for this game and I hope that profound hate will make it better then it actually is.
Client 2009-08-12 16-05-47-10
So you enter the world with no tutorial for newbies and no idea who to talk too because there are no signs! Well of course you talk to the first person you see and wow, Quest Lady Tae, got it!

But then she says make it to the 10th level on your own. I mean WTF wheres the noob guidance! Don’t make me work I want to be spoiled by noob guidance NPCs!! Over dramatize I know I know..
Client 2009-08-12 16-06-13-04
Good thing theres Auto Loot, bad thing we’re killing cats. Adorable Gray Cats. Somewhere out there the creator of Scions of Fate is getting haunted down by Cat Assassins to pay for his horrible mistake >_>

Oh, but my fault there is only Auto Loot on quest items and gold, other items just drop very very rare.

I guess I should actually give them a point for putting in realistic monsters, but come on no kids really want to slay cute furry animals such as cats and foxes, toads sure I can kill toads.
Client 2009-08-12 16-20-19-59
But for a cheap made game the graphics isn’t that bad, in fact their better then most of the games I’d want to play daily. But the lack of customization and scenery change just makes you not think so highly off it.

I kind of like the skills, if I ignore I don’t get any combat skills till I’m level 10 then yes I like the skills. There are two sets of skills: Abilities and skills. Skills are your typical thing, for me as a healer I get heals, buffs and attacks. You need to hit the right level and gather up “Ki” to buy them. Ability on the other hand are more like Passive Skills. You get one point each level which you can put into more hp, or greater heal and so on.
Client 2009-08-12 18-07-03-92
But in the end, I met nice people and I had a good time even though the grind was rather annoying. And when I finally hit level 10 and got my kick ass Skill I was in Heaven ❤ But my time here is much easier since they have this summer even that gives you tons of great potions.

But as those random friends I made told me, Scions of Fate gets better with the levels and I got a bit of that, at level 10 we got this suuuuper weapon with the most awesome damage. Of course it would only last 2 hours so using that time right would be good: Go to a high level area and kill.

But honestly, I’d only recommend this game to people that don’t mind mindless grind.

What made me Like Scions of Fate?

– Could choose your own voice
– Whenever you get a quest a Pigeon comes and tell you
– Good Recovery System
– There is Flowers.

What made me Dislike Scions of Fate?

– No Mage Class
– Point and Click
– Cat Killers
– No guidance for new people
– Few quests
– No Stats
– If monsters goes out of range you stop attacking
– Weight Limit
– Can’t trade nor add friends till level 10.

Vanilla Gate

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bg02_1Vanilla Gate fell into my lap by accident, my friend was asking about it and I had no idea what it was. But none the less it’s cute, and it really does look interesting.

Vanilla Gate is a mix of an MMORPG, a console game and an education system. There is the typical interesting back story that everyone should read but you don’t get to see much of it in the beginning of the game.
client 2009-08-11 18-48-26-85
Sadly, there isn’t any town to walk around in and talk to NPCs and so on: You need to choose Game Mode. There are Team, Single and Quest. Within Team and Single Mode there are other different modes of how you play the game: Time Attack, Taking Flag, Bumming Run, Death Match, Sudden Death, Crazy and Vanilla King.

I spent most of my time running around in the Quest Mode, there are different quests you choose from and in that quests there are several different maps you can go through and you can repeat the same one several times.
client 2009-08-11 18-54-41-75
But why want to repeat? Well, each quest map will want you to collect all the letters of a word. Simple words like World, Island, and Ill. When you get all the letters you’ll get a card that will reward you with things such as EXP, money (bread looking thing). But it’s not always you’ll find all the letters and finish the quest at the same time so you repeat. Great thing with it, is even if you don’t finish in one round: Next time it still counts as you already got the letter.

Vanilla Gate don’t got classes, you can buy skills and change weapon as you please. This way you can have both melee and magic skills on one character: Bad thing is that there is only room for 3 skills at the same time so it’s important that you choose wisely.
client 2009-08-11 19-02-10-51
Then there’s the pet system, their cute, their adorable but they take time to get. Why? Because when you buy them as an egg you can’t even use them. You need 10 ore looking things to evolve it into a kid (They say kid, but it’s not like a human child. Just a kid pet) These ores you can get from quests, and you can buy them from the shop: But either way it will take a long time before you end up with a pet.

Overall, I honestly think it’s a game worth to try. Especially if you like other MMORPGs like Tales Runner or Grand Chase. Vanilla Gate might not be as fast paced as Tales Runner, nor as PvP related as Grand Chase but it’s built up the same way and definitely worth a try.
client 2009-08-11 19-03-48-10
What made me Like Vanilla Gate?
– Great Graphics
– No Cash shop, but Have Fashion
– Can change angle
– Different Game Modes
– Can buy Skills
– A lot of different areas
– Good back story
– Has JUMPING! ❤

What made me Dislike Vanilla Gate?
– Bad explained on whats the weird things on the ground
– Need a lot of material to Enchant items.
– Mini Icon of yourself doesn’t change according to your looks
– Randomly threw me into Window Mode with no option to get it back unless I restart the game.

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